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Off With the Hardy Boys' Heads!

A darkened house. The boys are busy taking mirrors off the wall while KC huddles with her knees drawn up and her head buried into her legs. The camera pulls back and we see that they've brought her to their motel room for God's sake. How gross can the boys get this episode? The seedy motel, the curtain drawn, the vulnerable young girl huddled, shaking and weeping on the bed. They have a NIGHT VISION CAMCORDER in the room. Lord. Sam tells her to relax and open her eyes. He tells her to stay on the bed. Keeps getting better and better here. Sam tells her that as long as she doesn't look at glass or mirrors, Bloody Mary can't get her. KC notes that this does not really seem like a long-term plan.

Dean sits down, so now the cowering girl is flanked by two strange men who keep trying to get her to confess things. Lotion. Basket. Is all I'm saying. Dean demands that she tell them "what happened," and what he means by this is whatever secret she has. She obeys: she once had a boyfriend who was sort of scary, and when she broke up with him, he told her that he was going to kill himself, and she said "go ahead" and so he did. She cries and cries. The boys lurk and lurk.

In the car, Dean remarks that the suicide wasn't exactly KC's fault. Sam dryly replies, "You know as well as I do. Spirits don't exactly see shades of grey, Dean." Dean's unconvinced. Sam realizes that just smashing the original mirror might not take care of the problem, since Mary moves from mirror to mirror, so why wouldn't she just hide out in another mirror while they take a sledgehammer to her home mirror. This is all getting a bit literal for my taste. Do we really have to chart her physical migration here? Sam thinks they need to summon her and then pin her down. Dean's unconvinced by this plan, and Sam admits that he doesn't know if it'll work. He then decides to remind us that it is, in fact, all about him, and says that he'll summon Mary: "She'll come after me." Oh, cry me a river, you poor little boy. Your girlfriend got murdered by a malevolent spirit, pinned to a ceiling with an unflattering leg position and then lit on fire? Tell me something I don't already know all about. Dean, happily, feels just the same, and says, "All right, that's it," and pulls the Metallicar over on the side of the road.Dean turns the car off. It is pouring rain. Dean confronts Sam: "You think this is about Jessica? You think that's your secret? That you killed Jessica? Sam, this has gotta stop." Sam is silent and toughjawed. Dean continues, telling Sam that it wasn't his fault, and that he needs to start blaming whatever it was that killed Jessica. He even offers himself up, telling Sam to go ahead and blame him for taking him away from Jessica in the first place. This finally gets through to Sam, who turns to Dean and says, "I don't blame you." They keep going back and forth for a while until Dean finally observes that none of this is a secret, so it wouldn't work with Bloody Mary anyway. Sam corrects him, "No, you don't. You don't know all about it." Then he refuses to elaborate, in order to keep the secret for his damned fool plan. Sam reminds him about KC huddling trapped in their motel room, and Dean drools in anticipation.

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