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Off With the Hardy Boys' Heads!

Back in the Annoying Narcissistic Guilt We're Supposed to Believe Is a "Secret" room, Sam's reflection keeps berating him: "You never told her the truth. About who you really were. Those nightmares you've been having. About Jessica dying, screaming, burning. You had those days before she could you ignore them like that? How could you leave her alone to die?" Meanwhile, Sam is crumpling in pain in front of the mirror. This is not unlike those difficult Wednesdays -- you know, "hump day" -- when you just can't figure out WHAT to wear, or how to fix your hair, and you finally settle on some random skirt you found in the back of your closet just because you can't take the thought of those same black pants AGAIN, and you put it on and feel jaunty and then you fix your hair in what you think is a jaunty fashion, maybe some bobby pins or whatever, and you're feeling pretty good, but then you catch a glimpse of the whole carnival-esque get-up in the mirror before you walk out the door and see that you actually look like Liv Tyler in Empire Records and really, Sarah, you're thirty years old, what business do you have going to work wearing a plaid mini-skirt and baby doll clips in your hair? Or something. Only for Sam, more blood dripping out of the eyes. Blah blah blah some more berating by the lame-o in the mirror until finally, "RRRAAWWWRRR!" and Dean runs up, smashes the mirror, picks Sammy up off the ground, and starts walking him out of the store.

Except cut back to empty mirror frame where a bony hand emerges, and then something that I honestly cannot believe is NOT a copyright infringement: a drippy-looking, long-haired figure comes crawling out of the frame in stop-motion. The figure makes wheezing noises and crawls over the broken glass after Sam and Dean. They finally get the memo and turn around to face her. She stands up and continues stop-motioning. This is such an aesthetic rip-off. Both Sam and Dean crumple to the floor together with bloody eyes. What is Dean's big secret that he gets the bloody eyes, too? They made such a big deal about that aspect of the spirit's victims. Sigh. This could have been such a great little legend to work off of, but instead they mucked it up with this overly complicated, literalist take on Bloody Mary.

Finally, Dean gets the bright idea to grab a mirror and hold it up so she can see her own reflection. Then my mind truly gets blown -- in an annoying way -- when Bloody Mary's reflection starts berating her, "You killed them. All those people." Bloody Mary then melts into a bloody mess on the floor. Dean tosses the mirror and it shatters. So. To recap, within the recap: the spirit of a murdered woman entered a mirror and started taking revenge on people with terrible secrets who looked into mirrors. But in the end, her having done so was sort of secret -- from? her pals at the Spirit Bar down the street? -- and so when she looked at herself, she had to kill herself? Like I said, overly complicated and overly literal at the same time. Here's what I kept hoping would happen: KC was Bloody Mary reincarnated. She's sweet throughout and the boys think they are helping her, until they realize and have to kill her. No complicated differential equations to solve regarding how a spirit jumps from one mirror to the next. Short, sweet, and a blonde chick gets iced.Dean and Sam sit on the floor of the store with cleanly articulated rivulets of blood dripping down their face. Dean, as usual, jokes, "This has gotta be like six hundred years of bad luck or what?" Metal Teeth Chomp.

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