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Off With the Hardy Boys' Heads!

Jill walks to the bathroom and faces her reflection. She bends down toward the sink, but her reflection doesn't follow her bodies motion, instead, the reflection sort of just looks down in condescension at the dumb-ass girl washing her hands. Jill looks back up and encounters her reflection doing something different from what she's doing. The reflection looks like a bad-ass demon; Jill still looks like a stupid girl. Jill starts breathing heavily. Teflection Jill's eyes start to bleed. Jill reaches up and find blood spilling out of her eye. The reflection speaks: "You did it. You killed that boy." Real Jill's eyeballs are bleeding, and she starts choking and then falls over. Reflection Jill just looks down at her.

Commercials. More blue light, more sleeping Sammy, more weird flames, more strangely arranged Pre-Raphaelite woman pinned to a ceiling. Cut to Sam, again waking with a start. He immediately asks Dean why he let him fall asleep. Dean asks what he was dreaming about and Sam quips, "Lollipops and candy canes." What about sugarplums, sugarplum? Sam asks if Dean has found anything and Dean replies, "Besides a whole new level of frustration? No." What a stupid line. All Dean has found is a Laura and a Katherine who each committed suicide in front of a mirror, and a Dave who got killed by a giant mirror falling on him, but no Mary. Sam sighs and looks exhausted. Dean says he also hasn't found any examples of strange deaths in the area. Sam's cell phone rings.

A park. Sam and Dean meet with KC, who sits on a park bench sobbing about Jill. Dean has decided that an appropriate pose for comforting an grief-stricken young woman is to perch like a beefcake on the backrest of the park bench. Niiiice. She tells them about Jill's disappeared eyes and about how she had said Bloody Mary before she died. She thinks that she's insane, but they reassure her that they too think something weird is going on. Then they tell her that to stop whatever it is, they'll need her help.KC sort of runs into her bedroom, locking it behind her, and goes straight to the window. She opens it, and we find that Sam and Dean are crouching right outside of it. It's pretty clunky choreography, but the squees are so deafening, they drown out my complaints. The boys climb in her window. Sam asks, "What did you tell Jill's mom?" which explains why KC was acting so shifty rushing into the room. KC tells them that she lied about needing some time alone with Jill's things and then says she hates lying to Jill's mom. The boys rifle through their packs to get their gadgets, and tell her to turn out the lights. What's that you say? I can't hear you because the ladies, they are screeching with delight over the possibility of being in a dark, locked room with these boys. Sam asks Dean, "Hey, night vision?" and Dean reaches over and flips a switch on Sam's weenie little camcorder. Dorks. And then: OH. MY. GOD. Sam's night vision camcorder is pointed at Dean, and Dean looks at him and waggles, "Do I look like Paris Hilton?" Now, you've seen the Paris Hilton/Rick Salomon sex tape, right? I'm probably only a 6 out of 10 on The Dr. Drew Pinsky Scale of Perversion and I've seen it, so I don't feel I'm confessing anything here. Well, ahem, um, now that I think about it, I've also seen parts of the Tom Sizemore sex tape ["YOU DID?! Daaaaaamn. My girl Bee is hardcore, people!" -- Sars], and also key parts of the Colin Farrell sex tape ("It's like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, baby, I'm not even jokin'"), and I'm sort of avidly looking forward to clearing my schedule for the Scott Stapp / Kid Rock one, so...oh, Lord, what is with my penchant for watching the utterly unerotic sex tapes of coke-fiend D-listers? Dr. Drew?

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