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Off With the Hardy Boys' Heads!

Sam does not respond to Dean's porno query, because, well, how could he? The brothers wander around the room with their gadgets. And I'm sorry, but an effing John Deere tractor would not convince me that they're anything other than a couple of queens, so their little gadgets are doing even less in that department. Sam remarks that only one of the victims summoned Bloody Mary, and wonders how she's choosing them. Sam finds something with his little gadget on the underside of the one of the mirrors in the room. He confirms with Dean that there's a black light in the trunk. Why wouldn't they have brought it with them, since they knew they were about to look around a dark room for signs of blood? Presumably, Sam or Dean clambered back out the window and out to the car to get the black light and then clambered back -- so stealthy -- because in the next shot, Sam has brought the mirror over to the bed, rips the protective paper off from the back, and goes over it with the black light. A handprint and some writing appears: "Gary Bryman?" KC says aloud. Sam asks if she knows who that is, but she quickly says no.

Back outside on the handily random park bench, Sam walks up to KC and Dean and tells them that Gary Bryman was an eight-year-old boy. Where have they been? Where was Sam doing research? At the ice cream truck on the corner? Apparently the boy was killed in a hit-and-run, by a black Toyota Camry, two years ago. KC: "Oh my God, Jill drove that car!" Sam and Dean exchange looks and say they have to go to Donna's house.Cut, inexplicably, to Dean and Sam running their black light over the back of a mirror lying on the ground. They find another handprint and the name "Linda Shoemaker." Another incoherent cut to Donna Shoemaker bratting, "Why are you asking all of this?" Where the eff are they? What are they doing? I am a highly educated woman; why are they making it so hard for me to figure out? Sam apologizes. Donna says that Linda was her mother who accidentally overdosed on sleeping pills, and then yells at them to get out of her house. Pull back to find them all downstairs. Wouldn't the suspicious mirror have been upstairs? If so, how would they have gotten up there to test it if Donna were so volatile and understandably reluctant to have these strangers there? KC lets out another ingenuous "Oh my God, do you really think her dad could have killed her mom?" Dean grunts a half-articulated warning at her and she responds, "Don't worry. I won't say it."

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