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The Apple & The Amp

Also hanging out in the spaceport is a cute boy named Odin Sinclair, with whom Lacy trades lies for awhile before their child-cult handler, Clarice's old friend Diego, shows up to take them to Gemenon. And all the other little kids on their ship are just as scared and just as young as they are. Odin explains that his parents are STO and they had him kidnapped in the middle of the night to be sent to bootcamp and become one of the blown-up faithful; when he asks if Lacy's a true believer her answer is "kinda," which is as good an answer as any, considering she's just been through days or weeks of torture in the Willow attic and now can't be expected to know for sure.

"I welcome you all to the holy birthplace of monotheism. We're on our way now to the retreat where the Reverend Holy Mother lives. You will enter children, and you will exit warriors of the One True God... Those of you that survive."

Which is when the Polys lock onto their ship, and start to board with guns, speaking Gemenese, which is Romanian in the same way as Tauron is Greek and which is why Gina's last name was Inviere. The Polys say that the Many Gods are striking back, which has happened before and will happen again. It's interesting to see it happening this way, because the Gods of Kobol acted out in the same way that Clarice, and later Gaius Baltar, will be acting out in the future: Twelve happy Gods with twelve happy sects, and then the Thirteenth jealous God comes along saying He's just a little bit more important than They are.

Next time, His faithful will build the only possible lasting bridge between Us and Them, and their differences will be struck out by angels, on a holy anvil that only looks like war from certain angles. Last time, His faithful took their immortal bodies to a world they called Earth. They forgot their own immortality and were destroyed by their robots and even now five geniuses have taken back their immortal bodies and are winging themselves here, hoping they'll save us in time. But they won't. They will make it far, far worse. It didn't make sense to talk about the Fall until now, but since it's all a wash anyway we can talk about Galactica as it comes up. We're heading there as rapidly as the show is dying.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. The road out of Hell? Same deal.

This show has always been about the intersection of five or six technically good but horribly flawed plans to save the universe from its own grief, for innocence lost. For Zoƫ and the STO it's the world's innocence, for her father and Tamara's it's about their deaths and their own incoming doom, and so forth. Add them together, these yearnings to return to a hypothetical grace that never really existed, and you get a recipe for stasis: The one thing God hates above all else. Maybe the only thing. But since they can't be trusted not to bite that apple the best thing we can do is hold up a microphone to catch every juicy bite. Turn up the volume on the how and why, so that we don't repeat it more times than necessary. Escaping pain is the mandate for living, but it's the antidote to evolution.

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