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The Apple & The Amp

Somewhere, Earth, a thousand or a hundred thousand years ago, Ellen said the same thing to Galen; they made it out just in time, bodies mangled in the last eruption. They made Jor-Els of themselves and sent themselves rocketing out, into the universe, to save their Twelve Poly brothers from extinction. They are on their way to save us, they are praying they'll get here on time. But they won't. They will not. We think we're safe but we're not safe.

And the reason they won't is that Daniel Graystone -- because of money and because of politics and because he's already in too deep -- has made a gorgeous intuitive leap today. Grace and Cylons: Never a safe mix. Inevitable, and unutterably beautiful, but deadly just the same. It starts today, born in fire and politics and the wars between twelve brothers, and the unending money and blood and shit on which our machine has always run. The banal, unmistakable movement of greed, and grief, working their way senselessly toward the end of everything. One more good intention.

The Guatrau is limited somewhat in his thinking, and given the eau de White Privilege that Daniel Graystone wears every day, assumes that he's being criticized on a man level, on a businessman level, but Daniel tries to keep him from going there: "By arming terrorists, you gain short-term profit, but at the expense of the biggest potential payday in either of our organizations' history [sic]." Out of one side of his mouth the Guatrau of the Ha'la'tha promises to wait two weeks before exporting his stolen robots; out of the other side he calls up Sam and tells him it's finally time for Daniel to die like they all always knew would come.

"As the Olympian Gods rose, the Titans fell. As all Gods must. But no One God can kill them all. One God: This can only be mankind putting his own face into the heavens, making a God from his own image. It's the height of hubris!" the Polys say. "The Pantheon understands mercy," the Polys promise. They make a boy kiss the Arrow; they are given the blessing of the One True God by a girl that stays upright, strong and beautiful. The bodies fly, out of the airlock and into the firmament. This has all happened before.

As Singh notifies Olaf of the spy in Willow House, Daniel goes to visit the Amanda program. Of all the storylines I would have liked to see play out, this is my favorite and the saddest, the one I'll miss the most. A man creating the perfect wife, and then hating her because she is perfect; demanding she be as authentic as he demands, like a hall of mirrors. The Hub and the Colony were just factories for beautiful women, by the end.

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