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Maybe This Time

Out in the lobby Tom is saying that if he starts orchestrating the last song now it should be ready by three. I, um, hope the oboe section can sight-read, is all. Julia hands over her lyrics, and says, "It's good, I think." Tom raises an eyebrow and actually says, I am not making this up, "Maybe not so much, honey." I love Tom. He's amazing in this episode, even though all he has to do is mop Julia's brow and bare his teeth at Derek is a pathetic attempt at primate intimidation. "We have so much time," he repeats, waving his wrist foppishly. Julia crumples up her lyrics.

Eileen is out in the lobby on the phone, spinning the grand up-from-the-gutters-of-Iowa story of Karen, when Ellis bursts out to wail, "You can't let this happen! It's Ivy's part!" He appears to be completely convinced in the way of delusional entry-level twits everywhere that if he just explains himself to Eileen she will let him overrule the director and start making all the decisions, because of course this twenty-two-year-old nobody who four months ago was making Tom macaroni and cheese should get to make all the creative decisions for a multimillion-dollar Broadway-bound show!

Eileen, still marvelously calm, says okay, and suggests that Ellis make a Starbucks run, because that is his actual job. He doesn't take the hint and says, "I didn't get Rebecca Duvall out of your way so you could ignore me yet again." Luckily there's no one else in my apartment because I start screaming AAAAAAAHHHHHH ELLIS THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT YOU WERE THE ONE WHO WANTED REBECCA YOU TERRIBLE, STUPID LITTLE MAN. Eileen doesn't believe what he's saying, so of course Ellis starts monologuing about how Rebecca wasn't going to get them to Broadway, so he, Sir Ellis of the Guttersnipe Ellises, had to take matters into his own smoothie-making hands! "So don't ever call me an assistant ever again. I AM A MURDERER. I mean producer!" he finishes, inflated with his own righteousness. Eileen fires him, gloriously, and it's a miracle he isn't reduced to a tiny pile of grubby ashes. His face is completely blank as he says, "You haven't heard the last of this." Oh, it's too much to hope that Ellis is actually a completely amoral Profit-style sociopath. That would actually be interesting.

Karen and Michael are rehearsing that dreary front-porch song. Rebecca's costumes, hilariously, look like flour sacks on Karen. I saw the revival of West Side Story a few years ago with an understudy playing Maria, and none of her costumes fit either, but poor girl, they were too small. When she hit the high note in "Tonight" her bodice almost ruptured. But Karen's bodice is in no danger of that. Derek is bellowing about how she's screwing up the blocking, and Julia joins in that she sang the wrong lyric as well, then heads up to show Karen the correct one. Just then, all the lights go out. Poor beleaguered electricians.

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