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Hey! Kate! I got a new complaint!

So Kate takes about five hours to make her way over to the bed, where she says, with much trepidation, "Hi, Mom." "Mom" looks like hell, lying back with her eyes closed. "Can you hear me?" asks Kate. Diane's eyes flutter open, and she weakly grunts, before looking at Kate, her eyes finally focusing. Kate's face half crumples, but she does her best to keep her shit together, and takes her mom's hand. "It's me, Kate," she says, smiling when her mom appears to recognize her. "Katherine?" her mom says, a couple of times, but doesn't seem to have the strength for anything more that. Kate just about breaks down, and she apologizes for everything she's put her mom through. Her mom doesn't say much to this, just watches as Kate starts crying. Turns out Evangeline has better range than I give her credit for. And then, it all goes to shit, because Diane's eyes widen in recognition, with not a little fear thrown in there, and despite Kate trying to soothe her, starts yelling for help. I fail to be moved by this, mainly because this is how my mom reacted the one time I forgot to call her on Mother's Day. So either this is a good Catholic mother's guilt trip or Kate's mom is scared of Kate for some reason.

Katie Mama's cries attract the attention of an orderly, who comes over, and Kate scoots, bumping into a hospital security guard, who demands to know what's going on. Kate half-heartedly attempts to say that she's the woman's daughter and was running to grab a doctor. Hospital Rent-A-Cop don't play that, and grabs Kate by the arm, but before he can finish saying, "We got a situation here," into his walkie-talkie, Kate grabs him and knocks him out with a nice uppercut. So far, I don't think this hospital visit is going as planned.

And imagine how Tom feels! Just a few hours after Kate comes back into his life, he's made out with his ex-girlfriend after they dug up their time capsule, and now a bedridden cancer victim at his hospital is screaming for help while the ex is standing over the body of an unconscious security guard. This is why I can't stay friends with ex-girlfriends. He asks what happened, and she simply says she needs his car keys, and peels off down the hallway to the parking lot, Tom running close behind, instead of, perhaps, helping Diane or the unconscious guard.

Kate's in the driver's seat as they peel out of his parking spot, sirens blaring already in the background. Much squealing of brakes and trading of paint with other cars in the garage as Kate tries to make her escape, but the siren-wailing cop car pulls up just past the entrance/exit, blocking the only way out. Kate yells at Tom to get out of the car, but he refuses, telling her that things can work out for her and she can have a real life if she cooperates, and maybe that should be "real life in prison," but she points out that the cop is radioing for backup (the portly, red-faced cop in question seems to be exerting himself rather strenuously to do so). And now Sheriff J.W. Pepper is pointing his gun at the car, and Tom is still refusing to get out, like if I were Tom I'd be out of that car in two seconds flat and yelling, "Also, I better get my Ben Folds CDs back!" When it's clear that Tom ain't going anywhere, Kate makes this irritated "whatever" face and floors it. ["One of the many moments this season when I asked the TV out loud if we're supposed to sympathize with this snotty character, because if we are, they need to get a better actor for the role." -- Sars] Sheriff J.W. squeezes off a couple of shots that hit Tom's car's windshield before Kate slams into the car and past, careering off down the road. Much more brake-squealing, shots of Kate frantically spinning the wheel. Dead giveaway absence of shots of Tom. Kate then T-bones some other car, stopping her getaway cold, and maybe someone could explain to me how it is that con artist Kate has eluded capture for so long, when it takes her about ten seconds to crash a car?

And then we see Tom, motionless, face bloodied. Kate calls his name, but he doesn't respond. She starts to spazz as she sees the blood, and oh Jesus, here comes Niagara Falls again. Another siren is getting louder, and we see a cop approaching, so Kate, after taking a last look at Tom and the spilled contents of the time capsule (which she leaves behind, so we're going to have to have another Kate flashback episode that explains more about the plane), hoofs it out the car and over a railing and down into one of those concrete water things that are mainly good for teenage drag races and Terminators chasing people. I don't know what they're called. ["'Culvert'?" -- Sars]

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