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If You Try to Knock Me You’ll Get Mocked

And then with an oven's ding, Walter's lemon cake is ready. Astrid says if he was hungry, she could have gotten him something. "This is not about food, Athos. This is about Bell," says Walter.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Peter have arrived in the 1600 block of Beech Street, which is where Walter figured the signal was coming from. They spot an antenna on a nearby roof and then another one, so they split up to shut them down. Nothing ever goes wrong when characters split up like this! Sure enough, we can see David Robert Jones watching them from a car parked down the block. He watches Peter enter a building, on his way to the roof to take out the antenna and he gets out of his car. We go to commercial.

When we come back, Walter is cutting into his lemon cake and I'm going to try to describe why as economically as possible, because I don't want to waste any more time on this than necessary, because it's one of those scenes that is the science-fiction equivalent of "A wizard did it." To wit: Walter baked the logbook from St. Claire's that he suspects Belly to have touched, in the cake with the pig brain and some Cortexiphan, because a "little-known" side effect (which means "a side effect we made up this week) is temporary tissue regeneration when it's heated between ninety and a hundred degrees.

So the pig-brain-Cortexiphan DNA stew reveals some fingerprints on the page that will be too smudged to be definitively identified, but there's also a mysterious smudge. While Walter sniffs it with his bloodhound nose and licks it with his lizard tongue, Astrid watches in amazement as the Cortexiphan's regenerative powers knits the sliced lemon cake back together. (Walter advises Astrid not to eat it. I'm sure she's good, Walter.)

Anyway, after unadvisedly licking the mysterious brown stain on a document several years old, Walter crows, "I knew it! Chilean almonds!" and explains to Astrid that Belly was obsessed with them and had an agreement with the wholesaler to buy directly from them, and OF COURSE this means Walter's going to go down to A-1 Imports, down by the seaport, despite Astrid's pleas for him to not be insane. "What do you think you're gonna find there?" Astrid asks, chasing after Walter as he gets his coat on and heads for the door. She stands there stunned as he says he knows it's a fool's errand and he's a fool, calls her "Alex" and then flashes her two fingers while saying "peace out."

Then she calmly goes for her coat and is ready when, moments later, he comes stomping back, having forgotten he can't drive. Her only admonishment: "'Alex'?" "I was on a roll," he mutters.

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