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If You Try to Knock Me You’ll Get Mocked

Then their cellphones ring on their respective night tables, in a scene that -- in what could have been the series finale -- is likely a reference to a similar scene in the first episode. Hey, maybe Peter will wind up killed!

Anyway, they've been called out to the Clane Center, I guess. Walter and Astrid are already there, standing behind police tape while Hazmat people examine the bodies and the survivors, with Walter yelling instructions and insults at the apparent idiots in the suits and Astrid fussing with Walter's coat, pulling it closed so he doesn't freeze. He grouches about her mother-henning him and she tells him to humor him, because she likes doing it. On the second go-around, the bond acceleration between Walter and Astrid is a little more apparent.

So a Hazmat guy takes off his helmet to tell them that they're good. No airborne toxins. That's GREAT news, actually, because if they were worried about airborne toxins, I'm not really sure that STANDING A FEW FEET AWAY BEHIND POLICE TAPE is much of a defense.

Walter and Astrid start making their way among the bodies (with the frightened survivors standing there blinking and generally making things a little more creepy). The woman who (somewhat implausibly quickly) came to the "don't move or we die" conclusion, asks Walter to help them. Walter looks a little too freaked out to respond. Walter spots the cellphone lying next to Neal, who just wanted his regular café mocha and to pay for it with a certainly-no-more-and-possibly-less convenient way. Walter picks up the phone, which still has "Payment confirmed" on its screen, because I guess Neal couldn't stop admiring how beautiful and functional his phone is. "Maybe the deaths are associated with this mobile transaction," says Walter, which is at least a little amusing -- I mean, it's at least a little funny to suggest that your product-placed phone is responsible for killing several people. Astrid assures him that this is "just how people pay for things now" -- like SPARE ME -- and then Walter wanders off, muttering, "What will they think of next?" This is a man who figured out a way to cross into alternate universes, remember.

Elsewhere, Peter and Olivia are being briefed by Broyles, who tells them that more than two-dozen people experienced some kind of spontaneous human combustion. "You know that's a myth, right?" Like, shut up, Peter; these people BURNED UP and they haven't figured out how yet. That's what Walter's there for.

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