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If You Try to Knock Me You’ll Get Mocked

Olivia asks if there's anything she can do to make her more comfortable and Jessica asks for the phone from her handbag. Olivia retrieves it and Jessica calls someone named Mike. "I need you to pick up Sarah after school for me, please. No, I know it's not your day." Olivia looks over, concerned, as Jessica -- struggling to keep from becoming overwhelmed -- tells this Mike (bad sex partner) that she'll explain it to him later. Olivia retrieves the phone and sneaks a glance at the picture of the young girl on the phone's lock screen before putting it away.

Jessica asks Olivia how long until the antidote is ready, and Olivia wanders over to Peter and Walter to find out, where she's told that they're just getting "first results" now, so it's going to be at least a couple more minutes.

But they might not have a couple more minutes: Astrid alerts them to Jessica's rapidly rising temperature. Olivia suggests an ice bath, but Walter says that won't help: he tells Olivia to try to keep Jessica calm, so while he works on a plan with Peter to "speed up the condensation" or some damn thing, Olivia goes to hold Jessica's hand. She's at 104 degrees and rising, getting flushed. Olivia tells her to focus on her breathing, while Walter asks for sixty seconds that Astrid tells him they don't have.

Olivia grips Jessica's hand and then her color starts to fade. "How are you doing that?" she asks Olivia, who doesn't appear to know what she means. Astrid says Jessica's temperature is dropping and then the lights and computers and other electrical devices in the room shut down.

Jessica's breathing and color return to normal. "She's... OK," says Astrid and Jessica asks Olivia how she did that. "I have no idea," says Olivia. Walter looks on, dumbfounded.

Later, while Peter gives Jessica a shot that will remove and neutralize the nanites in her system (and the system of anyone else who gets the shot), Olivia asks Walter if he has any idea what happened to her. Walter guesses that Cortexiphan has given her certain kinetic powers and if moving molecules quickly enough can cause combustion, maybe she slowed the molecules down, causing Jessica to cool down. "But how did I do it?" she presses and Walter doesn't have any idea.

So Olivia leaves to take Jessica home and, as they walk, Jessica wants to make sure Olivia tells her what happens with the others. Olivia says she will and assures her they'll be fine and then points out that not everybody would volunteer to be Walter's guinea pig. Jessica says it wasn't for her, but for a four-foot-tall redhead at home "who's constantly in dire need of mac and cheese and help with her math." Which is interesting, if only because, for a lot of people, that would have been the same reason used not to risk moving. Oh and "her father's an idiot," says Jessica.

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