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If You Try to Knock Me You’ll Get Mocked

He thanks her and makes for the door, but doesn't leave without telling her that she's much prettier than her predecessor. We won't be able to fully assess that unless she also does naked yoga like Col. Stuart in Die Hard 2, though, will we? Of course, I'm feeling a little concerned that I had the same initial reaction to Dr. Benlo as a slightly mad scientist did.

Later, at Olivia's place, our favorite lovebirds are making supper and discussing the case; Peter still has no idea why Walter wanted the log book, because Walter's not saying and he's also not backing off his William-Bell-is-still-alive theory, either. Olivia's chopping onions and she cuts her finger. Medic! We need a medic! Peter jokes that that's what happens when you drink and mince and there's probably a joke in there that I could get in a lot of trouble for, so I'll leave it alone. Olivia seems distracted though and Peter thinks she's worried about Walter. She's not, but she was thinking about Jessica. Peter looks QUITE intrigued for a moment, although it turns out that Olivia's thinking about how one encounter with them and her child almost becomes an orphan and they deal with that every day.

You know, I'm completely on board with reflection and analysis, but at least in this case it was Jessica's encounter with Fringe that prevented her child from becoming an orphan.

Of course, she's really worried about herself and Peter: "What do you really think our chances are of having a normal life?" Well, as far as we can tell in a few years William Bell is going to do something bad to Olivia and the rest of them are going to wind up in amber for twenty years. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

She confesses she's terrified of this power that's inside her because she doesn't understand it and she just wants it out. Peter tells her they'll figure it out together, which oughta shut her cryhole. "Is that a personal guarantee?" she asks, and he smiles and kisses her. Uh, answer the question, Casanova! He says that after all they've been through, he won't lose her again and they nuzzle for a moment before Peter starts crabbing about being hungry and wanting a home-cooked meal, but before Olivia can start shoveling food down his gullet it suddenly gets very bright outside the window so they go to have a look.

Elsewhere, Broyles walks out on the roof of a car park when he notices people standing staring at something. He looks and it's a beam of light cutting straight down through the night. And as he watches, it narrows and suddenly heads for a nearby tower, shattering windows and floors from top to bottom. Broyles looks horrified and I can't blame him. That tower had just two days left until retirement!

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