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It's Still Brittany, Bitch

So. Where was I? Oh, yeah: As Boring New Rachel sings her boring little heart out in the music room, we cut into an episode-closing montage of tonight's primary characters dealing with the consequences of the evening's events. In Manhattan, Idiot Rachel -- dressed for class even though she's not allowed to participate -- perches alone in a corner of Drunk Kate Hudson's dance studio until Drunk Kate Hudson takes pity on her and sends one of the boys over to ask Rachel to dance. Rachel's mood brightens considerably, and as the kind gentleman eases her onto the dance floor, one thing becomes clear: Idiot Rachel really does lack the height to pull off a credible tango.

Meanwhile, back in Lima, Brit-Brit stares sadly at her product-placed laptop's empty Skype window, because Santana is too busy to call. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

And finally, something happens with Boring New Rachel that I totally don't care about. The end!

Next week: Sarah Jessica Parker begins her stint as St. Gay's boss at Vogue. Enjoy!

Demian never wants to hear another goddamned Britney Spears song again. You may reach him at

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