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Stop Dragging My Heart Around
of Walter's projects, but she points to a picture in his journal of two people with their arms wrapped around each other, and asks what it is. "Well, that's a hug, of course," says Walter. Ella's amazed that this guy invented hugs, and Present-Day Walter also ascribes the invention of teddy bears and chocolate bars to him too and something even more remarkable: a glass heart. Story Olivia asks Story Walter what makes the glass heart so special. Walter says it's a power source that's capable of many wondrous things, and until recently he was kept alive by this glass heart, since he needed to replace his own bad one. So he's like Iron Man! While he explains that someone slipped into his room a few nights ago and took it while he was sleeping, he unbuttons his vest and shirt and reveals a metal door in his chest that he opens. Inside is a tangle of wires and power cells. "I've done what I can with these batteries. It's kept me stable, but if I don't get my heart back, I'll die." Peter and the heart disappeared at the same time. The heart's priceless, of course, and he has so much good left to do: "If I die, I'll never get to finish any of them. All of my ideas, they will all die with me."

A very concerned Ella asks Present-Day Walter if Olivia's going to help Story Walter. "Of course! But first she needs to rehire her assistant," and here Walter shoots a sidelong smile at poor Astrid, who is cleaning up after Walter and Ella, "Esther Figglesworth." Astrid doesn't look too amused.

Esther Figglesworth is at this moment pleading with a stern nurse for a job in what appears to be some kind of sanitarium. She nervously talks about all the experience she has with people. "I'm sure that would come in handy, right? I mean mental patients probably need tons of patience," she jokes. The nurse glares at her. Question: if you're a stern nurse, do you tell your hairstylist that you'd like the Nurse Ratched? Or if you do your hair like that, do you then become a humorless authoritarian? Esther, flailing, figures the patients probably also need love, and then she starts singing a song about how she really needs this job. Considering it's from A Chorus Line, the song's got a little more musical-theatre pedigree than "Head Over Heels. And is that Jasika Nicole's actual voice? If so, nice job! Then her cellphone rings. Oooh, job interview faux pas! Bigger faux pas: answering it! Esther apologetically tells Nurse Ratched that her old boss is on the line, and she only calls when it's important, or when she gets lost. Olivia's short and to the point: "New case. I need you." Esther reminds Olivia that she fired her this morning, still owing her six months back pay, so why would Esther help her? "Because it's important. And because that's just the kind of girl you are."

Olivia's jovial mood vanishes when she's assaulted from behind as she's getting into her car. She drops her phone, and the attacker grinds it with the heel of his shoe. He looks like an Observer, but he's got a hat on, so the baldness is not confirmed. "Drop what you're investigating," he warns her. Olivia wants to know who he is, and he tells her: "I'm a man who doesn't let his feelings get him into trouble." He's got what looks like some kind of mechanized fountain pen/scalpel, and he cuts across her sternum with it while Olivia screams. "Don't stick your heart out where it doesn't belong," says the guy, before leaving her gasping, slumped against her car.

So then Esther is there in Olivia's office tending to Olivia's wound, and Esther asks "Does it hurt?" and Olivia's all, "It feels great, actually. Please keep, keep doing it" like THIS IS THE ACTUAL DIALOGUE, and then Esther says she can't believe Olivia got sucked back into the business over true love. "You know that's your problem, isn't it? You're always looking for something that doesn't even exist," says Esther, but Olivia defends herself by saying she's not looking for someone who's going to give his heart to the world: "Maybe somewhere in the universe there's gotta be a guy who will keep me warm when I'm cold, feed me when I'm hungry, and maybe, on occasion, take me dancing." Geez, talk about high standards!

And anyway, Esther says it looks like the gash is healing, and asks what kind of weapon it was Olivia said he used. Olivia, checking for herself to see the bloody cut closing itself up, says it was like nothing she'd ever seen before, some kind of laser. And her wound is the same kind of wound that killed Rachel: "So the man who attacked me is the same man who took her heart!" Kind of a leap there, but I'll allow it in this pastiche-of-historical-eras storytelling-while-high episode of a science-fiction television show. Esther wants Olivia to draw the weapon, because she has an idea.

And Olivia can draw better than I can photograph, and she's showing the picture to Story Brandon, who in this world doesn't work for Massive Dynamic but for a patent office. And he acts a lot more suave, but he's still massively dorky as he winks at Olivia while he tells her that the patent on that particular device was taken out last year by a "whiz-bang" tech company in Manhattan, with "all kinds of spy stuff." Olivia knows where he's going with this...

... and she busts in Nina Sharp's office, throwing down the picture of the weapon, telling Nina that a few hours ago a man attacked her with it and told her to forget she'd ever heard the name Peter Bishop: "Now, I can call the feds, or you can tell me the truth. You choose, lady." Man, by this point I'm getting tired of the hard-boiled routine. Anyway, Nina, after staring at Olivia for a moment, tells her assistant to bring her the file on the quantum laser, telling Olivia the device was developed here in the biomedical research lab as a surgical tool, and several months ago, one of their prototypes was stolen. Then she asks if the man who attacked Olivia was bald with an odd cadence to his voice. You think it was Michael Stipe? Nina fills Olivia in on "the Watchers," who are dangerous and don't make idle threats. Ella interrupts to say that she thinks Nina's lying. "What makes you think that?" Ella says she doesn't know; she just doesn't trust Nina, earning a "smart girl" from Walter. "You're getting ahead of the narrative, but you're thinking along the right lines. Because Detective Olivia didn't trust her either."

Fortunately for Nina, this doesn't mean a bullet to the forehead but a busted taillight: Olivia breaks the light of the massive land-yacht parked in the stall for one N. Sharp, to make it easier to tail Nina at night. While she's following Nina, Olivia calls Esther, who had dug up some info on Massive Dynamic's founder and CEO: William Bell, a "scientific Christopher Columbus" who is always "searching for what's right on the edge of our imagination." Esther says the interesting thing is that in the past few years, no one has seen William Bell at all.

Esther doesn't know what this has to do with Peter Bishop, but it's still weird. Anyway, Olivia's at Nina's place, so she's got to go, and Esther tells her to be careful. Olivia skulks around outside while Nina takes a call from one William Bell, telling him that she found it: "The glass heart?" says Bell, and Nina says he was right, that Peter Bishop has it. He asks where Peter is, and Nina doesn't know, but says they'll find him. As Olivia moves to get a better view, we see that Nina is talking to Bell on Walter's alterna-universe-viewing window, and that William Bell looks a lot like how Leonard Nimoy might look as a character in Grand Theft Auto IV and also black and white. "By utilizing the heart's power, we'll be able to create a stable door between universes," he says, and Nina happily says that after all this time, we can finally be together again. "I know, my love," says Bell.

And then Nina gets knocked out from behind, and when she wakes up she's tied up on the floor of what sounds like a boathouse. The Observer -- I mean, the Watcher -- i

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