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The Murder Games

...and then Dexter is trying to get the requested samples from this prisoner, who's rather conveniently uncooperative to the point where Dexter starts choking him, and given that I was tempted to do the same thing, I'm not sure this is definite evidence of Dexter losing control. Deb, however, enters and hauls Dexter outside for a little chat...

...and in an alley (the acoustics look like they might be kind of great in there, I have to say), Dexter informs Deb that her constant watchdogging is the reason he snapped in there. He points out that he was true to his word in calling her the last time he had the urge to kill, but she wonders if he can promise that if she weren't all over him, he wouldn't slip. I'd point out that the last time, he got himself into a position to kill in spite of her "being on [his] ass," but Dexter's got an even better answer: "I can promise that if you don't get off my ass, something bad is gonna happen." He definitely seems fairly off the chain, and I think it's genuine; either way, it's effective. Deb, surely a bit scared, asks what that means, and he explains that if he doesn't control his need, it will control him - he needs to kill. Deb refuses to accept that, but she's running out of ideas, so she pleads with him to think about Harrison. Dexter tells her he does think about him, all the time, but Deb is sure that sooner or later, Dexter's crimes will catch up to him, and to his son. Dexter's similarly running out of things to say, but Deb temporarily breaks the impasse by conceding that she'll give Dexter some space. She puts a hand on his arm and asks him to hang in there with her, and Dexter nods, but when she's gone, he still looks fairly desperate. Guess what will make him feel better? A Frosty Swirl!

Oh no, that was last episode. The answer is killing! Inside, Dexter, surreptitiously starts on a little research and comes up with just the most genteel-looking male specimen named "Ray Speltzer," who just was paroled from an assault charge. Looking at his build, I wouldn't be surprised if the attack was directed at an African elephant. I mean, this actor recurred on The Shield. Dexter, however, discovers in his file some strong suggestions that the guy is a serial killer of women, and in rather violent fashion too. Unfortunately, the police were never able to make those charges stick, so after noting that one of the victims seemed to have lost one of her earrings, he resolves to vet Speltzer as a potential next target...

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