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The Murder Games

Lansing Metro. As he chats with Masuka, Greene surreptitiously scratches his beard with his middle finger pointed in Dexter's direction, but Dexter has the last laugh when his package finally arrives, and when Masuka opens it, he finds the ITK hand (do they not have Security check these packages first?) and a note to Greene complaining about the hand's condition and requesting a refund. Okay, I can't imagine that anyone would think Greene would be dumb enough to have used the station as his address of record on handBay or wherever the thing was originally sold, so Masuka is being a total idiot falling for this setup job, but I could believe that Dexter factored that in as part of his plan. Also, Greene doesn't come up with that point in his flustered state (and I could believe the fact that he did actually play a big part in the hand ending up here could be contributing to his inability to make a plausible denial here), and Masuka, who's probably getting used to this kind of thing by now, cans him on the spot. Greene looks balefully at Dexter (didn't catch that dirty look, did you, Masuka), but given that his ability to defend himself seems to have left along with his passion for his stupid game, he has no choice but to slink out. Masuka complains that he has the worst luck with interns, although even with everything Greene's done recently he STILL is a million times better than the Horrific Nightmare Of An Intern. DVO lets us know that he's got one more card to play in his Get Rid Of Greene deck, but for now he's going to focus on Speltzer.

Meanwhile, Batista is showing Beth Grant into Deb's office, and I can't believe they got an actress of her talents for a one-scene role, but I'm not complaining. (Then again, her part in The Artist was even smaller.) Beth Grant is playing the deceased Randall's mother Donna with an accent I would tactfully place as "northern Florida," and after Deb offers her sympathies, Donna hands over an old bag of stuff that Randall sent her right before he got caught for his killing spree. Deb wonders why Donna held onto the stuff for fifteen years instead of turning it in, but Donna was afraid that it might have been enough to produce a death sentence for her boy. Now, however, with that no longer a concern (I wonder if that little patch of road will be named after him), she's ready to hand it over in hopes that there's something in it that might give the victims' families some peace. I probably need not add that Beth Grant is acting circles in this one scene around almost everyone else in the show; I'm going to do it anyway. Deb thinks it might be junk, but they'd better check it out...

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