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The Murder Games

...and we cut to Dexter and Batista in the process of cataloguing everything when Deb comes in and asks if there's anything interesting. The answer is not yet, but as it happens, Dexter comes to three items that were wrapped up separately from the other stuff - a plastic toy giraffe on a pedestal, a lighter, and a necklace. The necklace has one of the victims' names on it that Randall claimed to have killed, so the group concludes that Randall was definitely telling the truth about there being more victims out there. They don't have time to dwell on this, however, as Quinn enters with the news of Tony the bouncer's corpse having been found. The officers head out, but not before Dexter tells Deb that he won't be home for dinner - he's going to hit the new gym. Deb doesn't look like she believes him, as she hasn't had a lobotomy recently, but she leaves without questioning him.

Someone who's not going to get away that easily is Greene, who arrives home to find Jamie watching that video we saw last week of Greene with that hooker. Greene tries to claim it was before they started dating, but Jamie recognizes the shirt he's wearing in it as one she got for him, and aside from the poor planning, Greene, that's pretty poor form, so I'm surprised Greene gets away with only the remote being flung at him. Greene wonders how she got the recording, and Jamie spits that his hooker mailed it to her anonymously, probably. "What'd you do, cancel her check?" Haha, yes, because most hookers take checks, made out to their real names, for illegal services rendered. Again, this is flimsy, but I could believe that Jamie's too upset with Greene's cheating to think about much else right now. I'd respect her if she asks some questions in the cold light of day, though, especially since Greene tries to put the idea in her head that Dexter is the one behind it. For now, though, she storms out, on the way telling him she never wants to see him again. Spoiler: You'll get your wish! When she's gone, Greene curses in frustration and looks impotent, the latter of which would have obviated this whole problem.

Seeing Dexter's car parked outside some bar, Deb mutters to herself about what a "lying little shit" he is before walking up to the door and seeing him, with his back to her, through the window. Her phone then rings - and he tells her he already ordered her a beer. Heh. She's both relieved and slightly peeved that this was part of the plan, but after the cute waitress gives Deb the promised drink, Dexter pulls out the Speltzer file. Deb remembers the case well, so Dexter tells her he thinks Speltzer is getting ready to kill again - he shaved his head that day, which fits his past alleged MO and signals that he's found his next victim. Deb wonders how Dexter would know that, so Dexter motions with his eyes, and Deb turns to see Speltzer in a chair flirting with the waitress. Deb, the pieces coming together quickly, gets to her feet and starts to berate Dexter, but he pulls her into the back and explains that he was trying to show her that there's some value to what he does. She's not buying it, Dexter - point out that you save her department money! Dexter goes on that he's taking trash off the streets, and when Deb tries to claim that the legal system works, Dexter replies, "If it worked as well as you think it does, I wouldn't be so busy."

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