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The Murder Games

He adds that it's for that reason that Harry structured his code the way he did, and if he takes Speltzer down now, no one else will have to die. Deb asks if he's really claiming that he does what he does to save lives, and Dexter manages both to do himself a credit and to sell himself short when he merely says that the end result is the same. Obviously, he does it first and foremost to satisfy the need in him, but even though he wouldn't say so himself, I think saving innocent lives has become meaningful to him. Deb asks if he's really going to commit murder based on a haircut, but Dexter says no - he hasn't even finished vetting Speltzer yet, and he won't kill him until he's absolutely sure he's guilty of murder. Deb, though, won't hear him: "This is done. And nothing better happen to that bald piece of shit over there." I'm only guessing about the bar scene in Miami, but I still feel like "Which one?" would be an appropriate response. Deb takes off, but DVO stays behind to let us know that he's not done with Speltzer... the next morning, Dexter's staking out the graveyard at which Speltzer works as a groundskeeper. Dexter kind of hilariously sits with his eyes closed in apparent prayer and his hands clasped around a flower as DVO lets us know that Speltzer has been inside one of the mausolea for twenty minutes. "Since when does a groundskeeper keep the grounds within a private tomb?" Well, there are other things he could have been up to in there, but since you don't appear to have a black light we might as well not worry about them. When Speltzer is safely gone (well, Dexter doesn't actually wait that long, but I'm not going to complain about the show not dragging something like that out), Dexter checks out the mausoleum and discovers from the inscriptions that the person most recently interred within died back in the fifties, so what could be so interesting to Speltzer in there? Unfortunately, he won't get an answer now, as the place is locked up but good; moreover, he gets a call from Deb, and we don't hear her side of it, but it sounds like maybe Dexter didn't leave her any coffee.

Back at the Dacha Stripchev, Isaak Pullo enters the office to get a report from the IT nerd, who tells him that thanks to the original setup, they were able to reconstruct all the GPS data that was transmitted (NO idea if this is feasible or ridiculous; I know which way I'd guess but I still appreciate not being certain) and as such they know that after the girl was killed (this IT guy must be trusted if he knows about that), the bracelet did in fact go to the airport - but then it wound up at the marina, and then eight miles out to sea, which was where the last transmission originated from. Isaak Pullo gets a look on his face like his music teacher just gave him an F before biting out that Viktor is dead. "Dumped in the ocean like a load of garbage." The writers aren't usually the best at subtle humor, but if that's a nod to Dexter's Hefty-bag method of corpse disposal, I have to hand it to them. The IT guy looks a bit uncomfortable at being the techno-bearer of bad news, and when Isaak Pullo asks if he can pinpoint the exact slip at the marina from which the bracelet transmitted, he says he'll need some time. Isaak Pullo: "It's worth the wait." Having seen the episode, I kind of agree.

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