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The Murder Games

Dexter heads into Deb's office, wherein she asks him to tell her he wasn't stalking Speltzer. Impressively, Dexter continues with the honesty, admitting it before telling her about the suspicious mausoleum. She berates him for his lack of evidence, but he counters that he'd have it if she hadn't ordered him back to the station, and even without it, he can tells Speltzer's going to kill again. "An alarm is going off inside my lizard brain." Deb says something disparaging about that, but honestly, the practice of the police consulting killers to catch other killers is tried and true, right? There were many crazy things about Silence Of The Lambs, but that wasn't one of them, I don't think? After saying that Harry taught him to put faith in his danger sense, he leans forward and tells Deb that said sense has helped her on innumerable occasions in the past, even though she didn't know it. Deb looks like this is uncomfortably reaching her, which she tries to stave off by accusing him of screwing with her head, so he offers to go back and get the proof.

Deb doesn't want to play it that way, though, as the evidence would be unusable in court; instead, she wants to try to get a search warrant. Knowing that this is probably going to cost someone's life, Dexter urgently tells her there isn't time, but Deb stands firm: "Do not fuck with me on this, or I swear to God, I will take us both down!" Dexter concedes defeat, although I'd admire his balls if he threw Harrison back in her face. Having won this round, Deb tells Dexter that she needs him to go with Batista to talk to Hannah McKay, Randall's old flame, as they're going to need her help tracking down these new bodies. Dexter wonders why he has to go, but Deb explains that since Hannah was a minor at the time of the crimes, she was able to get her record expunged; as such, they need her DNA for reference. As Deb signals through the window to Batista, Dexter asks if she's giving him busy work to keep him away from Speltzer. Deb: "It's really important that we find those bodies. And yes!" Hee. Batista enters and asks Dexter if he's ready, and Dexter fakes enthusiasm. Batista warns him that they just need to make a quick stop... the Dacha Stripchev. Batista grabs Jason Gedrick and essentially accuses him and his people of being responsible for Tony's death. Jason Gedrick leads Batista away to talk it over, but the camera stays with Dexter, as a different angle shows that Isaak Pullo is sitting rather near him. Noticing Dexter standing like a fish out of water, Isaak Pullo rather dismissively "asks" Dexter to sit down, but Dexter claims that he's fine, prompting Isaak Pullo to wonder if he's in the wrong place. Noting Isaak Pullo's disinterest in the goings-on around him, Dexter counters that he could say the same about him, and they commiserate, kind of, about killing time there. Isaak Pullo sees Dexter with some newfound respect, and as such favors him with the statement that although the two of them are different from the "leering cretins" around them, they do have something in common with them - they're frustrated. Dexter gives a small smile of assent, and when Batista comes to collect him, tells Isaak Pullo that he hopes he finds what he's looking for. You don't know the half of it, Dex.

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