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The Murder Games

Outside the "Hannah-Flora Nursery," Dexter asks Batista if he was around during Randall's killing spree. Batista says he was in uniform back then, but he remembers it; Hannah was only fifteen and fell for the wrong guy, and wasn't involved in any of the murders. She did six years in juvie, and ever since has been quiet. Dexter, as usual grasping at the most random of people for parallels to his own life - it really is a weak character trait -- speculates that it sounds like she managed to change, and Batista agrees and says he envies her. Dexter asks why, so Batista explains that since Anderson's death, he's been wondering if what they do is really worth it - maybe there's something else out there for him. Batista, if you're sick of Quinn, I heartily support you. No need to blame the dead.

Hannah makes her appearance, and as I mentioned, she's played by Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski, who looks just as fit as ever in her denim cutoffs, holding a spade in her hand. She goes cold when Batista announces their errand and tells him she's said everything she has to say about Randall, and it's a weird scene because it's never established whether she knows about his demise. Presumably, you'd think so, but maybe she's one of those people who doesn't own a TV. Saying she has work to do, she leads them into a small greenhouse, wherein Batista asks her if she really knows nothing about the other people Randall claimed to have killed. Hannah replies that they weren't joined at the hip back then, and continues to be uncooperative when she refuses to look at photos of the evidence that Donna turned in. She tells Batista that she feels terrible about what happened back then, but the only way she's been able to survive is to move on with her life. Batista, absolutely incredulous, asks if she doesn't think the victims' families deserve closure, but with Hannah says yes, she adds, "they're not going to get it from me." That "yes" sounds a lot like "no," when you really look at it.

Batista gives up, but does stand firm on Dexter taking the DNA sample; after some stuff about "Is that a court order in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me" and whether Dexter is "Mr. Morgan" or not, Batista has had enough, and goes to sit in the car's A/C while Dexter finishes his errand. Not sure leaving a man alone is police protocol even if they think Hannah's harmless, but I can't blame Batista for wanting to sit out the establishment of the season's love interest, which is pretty much always death, and not the fun kind. I do like Strahovski, though, so we'll see. Speaking of which, Dexter bungles the first attempt to get a cheek swab from her; after she amusedly is all "Smooth move, Ferguson" about it, he tries again, successfully this time, and after some more first-name/last-name weirdness, Dexter's out. That whole scene was like the cheek-swab - awkward, but ultimately painless.

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