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The Murder Games

Deb grabs LaGuerta, shoves the Speltzer file in her face, and asks how she'd like to catch him. LaGuerta admits she still loses sleep over them not being able to put Speltzer away, but when all Deb can produce when asked for probable cause is that her lizard brain is going off (h/t Dexter), LaGuerta tells her that's not going to cut it as far as a search warrant goes, but suggests she keep trying to find a way to get permission to enter the mausoleum. Deb, a bit of Dexter's frustration creeping into her voice, asks what LaGuerta would do if she knew there was a murderer out there that she could stop from killing again. LaGuerta, however, didn't get to where she is without having settled this question for herself: "We're the police, Debra. We have to follow the law." She does, however, suggest that Deb put a patrol car on Speltzer, "but I'd better not see it on the budget." Deb nods and leaves, and then I think we get a shot of an FBI file, just so we know LaGuerta hasn't given up the Bay Harbor Butcher angle. Good, she really seemed equivocal about that last week.

Jason Gedrick, Isaak Pullo, and his goon are finding the boat from which the signal originated, and it's of course the Slice Of Life -- which just so happens to have Greene on it preparing to do something with a power drill to sink it. Greene has his back turned so he can't see anyone approaching, which is surely how I would behave were I in the process of committing a felony, so he's startled when Isaak Pullo mildly asks if it's his boat. Greene, obviously not hip to what he's getting himself into, says yeah, totally, it's his, at which point Isaak Pullo asks who he is and why he killed Viktor. Greene again is slow to figure out the danger, and instead of switching tacks now and assuring this extremely menacing person that there's been a mistake, he blusters about calling the cops, so very soon, he finds himself held by Jason Gedrick from behind while Isaak Pullo takes the drill and prepares to do something that will render the "video" in "videogames" irrelevant where Greene is concerned.

When Greene signals that he wants to talk, though, Isaak Pullo relents, and Greene explains that the boat actually belongs to "this douchebag named Dexter Morgan," whom he hates. Isaak Pullo asks who Dexter is, and Greene gives up that he works for MM Homicide before asking if he can go. I really think the indicated play would have been to offer to spy on Dexter, lead him into a trap - something where he might display some value, at least so he can get out of peril here. But Greene both is off his game and has clearly outlived his usefulness, so I'm not too broken up about Isaak Pullo, after pretty clearly wondering whether Dexter is the dude with whom he kind of bonded earlier, drawing a gun (with silencer, natch) from his henchman's jacket and shooting Greene in the head. Isaak Pullo instructs Jason Gedrick to get rid of the body, and I'd complain about this murder being committed in broad daylight, but of course Dexter would have picked the marina that got zero stars for its security surveillance on Yelp.

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