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Goodbye, Dolly

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Dolly goes to work on Ami, telling her they've already got four votes lined up for Leann. Ami, featured in this week's forty-thousandth shot of somebody using the tip of the machete to pry the meat out of a coconut, is on board the Leann train as well. Dolly doesn't seem comfortable with all this scheming. But, as her hat reminds us, Life is Good.

More diurnal bats. Of course, everyone knows that bats normally sleep in the daytime, but they're staying up because they don't want to miss all the exciting intrigue! Because it's just amazing how badly Dolly sucks at it. Now that the younger crowd has come up with a plan, Dolly has to go share it with Scout. The older woman keeps her poker face more or less in place, but tries to figure out why Leann's name even came up. Scout interviews, "I nearly dropped my teeth." She mimes being smacked across the gob. "I just...whaaa?" She doesn't add, "Why not me, for taking the Immunity Challenge and screwing the pooch so hard that I'm shitting puppies?"

Out on the beach, Ami and Eliza ask Leann who she's voting for. Leann vacillates until Eliza says, in a tiny voice, "Me?" Leann claims to not know what's going on. Ami says she doesn't agree with the choice of either presumptive nominee: "It's a popularity contest, and I'm not into that." Nice move trying to appear to be on the side of present company, but telling them they're unpopular? Less smooth. Leann wants to know if she's on the block with Eliza, and when Ami confirms it, she wants to know why. Ami tells them, "What Dolly said was, 'We'll vote Leann off first and we'll save Eliza for later.'" Which doesn't answer Leann's question, and which isn't something we heard Dolly say, and doesn't sound like something Dolly would say, but I'm sure Ami's playing some kind of strategy. "It's kind of Dolly, Julie, and me running the whole thing," Ami continues. Interesting strategy: "I am the unwilling architect of your demise." "I don't like that at all," Eliza says emphatically, much to the surprise of anyone who thought she'd be thrilled to be up for elimination.

"This is the most interesting thing," Julie lies to Mia and Lisa somewhere in the jungle. "Everybody running off, trying to scheme." Yes, Julie, it's so interesting it's giving me a headache. Right behind the function-key-shaped imprints where my skull keeps hitting the keyboard. Zzzz.

Out on the beach, Eliza, Ami and Leann discuss turning on Dolly for playing both sides. There's some disagreement as to whether Scout and Twila would go for it.

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