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Goodbye, Dolly

"At least Eliza's down there, so they can't really be talking about it," Mia tells Julie and Lisa. It's like the Opposite Grove up in there or something.

Eliza interviews that she's torn between sticking with her alliance and voting for Leann, or turning on the person in her alliance whom she trusts the least. We then see her having a little facetime with that individual. Dolly whines to Eliza about the pressure she's getting from both sides, until Eliza extracts a promise that Dolly won't vote for her. Eliza's interview continues, as she debates the merits and dangers of trying to get the younger alliance to vote out Dolly. If only she had a third option.

Survivor After Dark. Yasur arrives for its first Tribal Council, and the nine-millionth replay of Jeff's spiel about torches and ritual and life and blah blah blah. The torches are lit and Jeff says, "Before we get to the vote, let's talk about today's challenge." Oh, yes, let's. I was wondering if anybody was ever going to bring that up. "Scout, did you feel anything as you saw the lead get further and further away?" Scout -- because she knows that factional intrigue takes precedence over some silly old challenge -- feels safe enough to come right out and say that she blew it. Big of her. Jeff asks Eliza about workload distribution, and Eliza says something about everyone having "on days and off days. Except for Twila." Kind of a pity that the younger group's off days all seem to have fallen into the period where they just happen to be competing on Survivor. Ah, well. What are you gonna do? "Was Twila the only one doing the work?" Jeff asks. Twila graciously says, "No, I had help. Leann, Scout, Ami, us four did a lot of work. But the rest of 'em worked hard in their areas as well." Mia, for instance, looks like she's been working her ass off practicing that bitchface she's making right now. Jeff asks Leann what her biggest challenge is, and she says it's the lack of sleep. Although it was better last night with the blankets. Jeff follows up by asking how it affects her, and she admits that she gets withdrawn in the mornings. Jeff warns her that "in a social game, withdrawing can work against you." "I'm very much aware of that," she says, and either she or the editors omit the word "prick" at the end. "I have a feeling I'm going home tonight." Jeff asks Dolly, who is wearing her "Life is Good" hat in the "locked" position, how she's getting along with everyone, and she yammers about how her popularity is becoming a problem for her while Eliza takes advantage of her position in the front row to make her very best "I know something you don't know" face. Dolly reiterates her status as the deciding voter at tonight's council. Yeah, she just hates being in this position. Jeff asks Eliza if she's worried, and she breezily claims that she is. "You just have to pray that people stick to their word," she concludes. Because it gives you an advantage when you don't, right, Eliza?. And it's time to vote.

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