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Goodbye, Dolly

The sun goes down, the volcano apparently erupts all night, and the sun comes up on Yasur's Day 5. Everyone appears to be in a good mood because it's looking like a nice day and they slept relatively well on their new bedding the previous night. We don't hear how they worked out the logistics. Leann interviews that the guys are probably having a much rougher time of it, what with having no fire or blankets. That's probably true, and I'm pretty sure that the members of Lopevi aren't doing each other's hair the way Yasur is.

While gathered around the campfire, the women spot a chicken wandering by. It appears to be a wild hen of some sort. Which I didn't know existed, particularly on South Pacific islands, but there you go. A machete-wielding Lisa leads a small party into the woods after it. They hang back, moving slowly so as not to spook the bird. Until Dolly pegs a stone at it and it flies off a short distance, cawing angrily. I thought farm girls were supposed to be deadly with thrown rocks. Twila gets into the act, and eventually they corner the chicken under a mass of roots and branches. Lisa says, "Oh, my God, he's laying an egg." There's something about that statement that's not...quite.... "She," someone corrects. Ah, that's it. Twila has the machete now, and after everyone agrees on what they should do, she positions herself above the chicken and readies the blade. She apologizes to the bird before she strikes. But she misses and the chicken escapes, right through a circle of women who are telling each other "grab 'im! Grab 'im!" Ain't no "him" here, ladies. And, by the way, you might be better off having a live chicken that lays eggs rather than a dead one. Twila retrieves the eggs, announcing, "We almost got us a chicken, y'all! I got five eggs." And who knows how many more you could have had if you hadn't interrupted it? Well, actually Dolly might know.

Celebratory harmonica music accompanies a shot of the new eggs being dropped into the pot of steaming water over the fire. The women wax rhapsodic about their blessing, until the haphazard arrangement of logs holding the pot above the fire slips, and the pot tips and pours water onto the coals. Oops. And also, hee. Everyone flees from the billowing steam, except for Scout, who steps forward and grabs a pair of rocks to use as potholders. The fire hasn't been entirely doused, which I find disappointing.

In an interview, Ami busts out some Women's Studies talk about the co-operative nature of women, which she then undercuts twice. First, by admitting that they haven't actually had to vote anyone off yet, and second, by saying that she's noticed two groups forming within the tribe: the "younger generation" and the "older generation." She remarks that the age difference has really separated everyone, over footage of Twila and Scout working, Mia and Julie resting, and Leann shouldering an eight-foot log while younger women walk right past her. Yeah, I think it's the age thing. For those of you not paying attention, Ami casts Mia, Julie, Dolly, Eliza, and forty-four-year-old Lisa as the younger group, while Scout, Twila, and thirty-five-year old Leann are in the older group. ["Be fair. Lisa's boobs definitely belong in the younger group." -- Wing Chun] We see Leann telling Scout, "Every time I think thirty-five, I think...half of seventy, that's almost seventy." Fifty-nine-year-old Scout manages not to brain Leann with her walker. Ami herself (thirty-one, for the record) says she tends to gravitate towards the older group since they're more inclined to work, but that it's a game, and it's a bad idea to trust anyone. Not that that precludes Girl Power, blah blah blah, of course.

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