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Goodbye, Dolly

Speaking of which, Twila and Dolly are discussing strategy. Twila is talking about what happens when it comes down to five women. "And the girls go," Dolly agrees, which is like one of her charges at home suggesting to her, "Try the mutton." Dolly interviews that Twila wants to feel like part of a majority, since the younger members had agreed to vote her out if they'd gone to Tribal Council first. But now, Dolly observes, it has become generally realized that Eliza is the most expendable person. The closed captioning quotes her as saying something about Ted Williams, but the closed captioning also says "YACHLT," so I don't know how credible it is. Twila, meanwhile, interviews that she, Ami, Scout, and Leann all plan to vote for Eliza, and that if they can get Dolly on their side, it's a done deal. Twila and Dolly not only agree to ally, they pinky-swear on it. Pinky-swear, people.

Commercials. And volcano! Bat! Skull on a stick! Hey, what the hell went down during that break, anyway? Sadly, nothing, because everyone at Lopevi appears to have the same head on his shoulders with which he arrived. Rory and Chad retrieve the tree mail, and the Survivor poet laureates have really outdone themselves today. It's the traditional poorly rhymed, poorly scanned crap, but in this case it sounds like something that could apply to any challenge at all. It does serve to remind them of the Spirit Stone that they "won" at the arrival ceremony by not letting it default to the women. Rory explains that the Spirit Stone was supposed to bring luck, but "We haven't won immunity yet." Yes, they're 0 for 1 on immunity challenges. That's quite a losing streak. Chad interviews that they've been "neglecting" the stone, but that maybe things will go better for them if they "give it more respect." Meanwhile, we're seeing footage of the men tying the stone to the end of an eight- or nine-foot pole and planting the pole in the beach. Stone side up, in case that wasn't clear. They've literally put the Spirit Stone up on a pedestal. Immediately it begins raining. Rory tells us that he doesn't know if it's "sick timing," but the fact that rain came out of nowhere after they mounted the stone leads him to believe that "there's magic on Vanuatu." Okay. Or maybe there's just a pissed-off Judeo-Christian deity who wants to remind his boys about a little thing he likes to call the First and Second Commandments. The CBS promo department makes a note to send Rory a nice little gift basket.

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