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Immaturity Forever

Jeff brings up the fact that the F4 vote is the last time that the idol can come up. Chiclets gives a little speech that they suspect that Terry has it; Aras says that he knows Terry had it, but he doesn't know if Terry has it right at the moment. Jeff asks Cirie how she'll feel if this is her last night. Cirie says that she's been underestimating herself all along. The jury looks at her with affection, as she explains that she had a great time and feels okay about how she did. What about Chiclets? This serves as Courtney and Shane's opportunity to make faces, which I really do wish they would stop allowing that. It affects the game. Quit it. Oh, and Terry says that he's going to learn from his mistakes in the future. You know, if he gets voted off. Sigh.

Aras is keeping the necklace. Chiclets votes. Terry votes. Cirie votes. Aras votes. Now, it's time to read. Are you prepared to be shocked? Yeah, no need, really. First vote: Chiclets. Second: Cirie. Courtney makes a display of cheering for Chiclets to be out. Third goes to Chiclets. But the fourth is indeed for Cirie, so there will be a tiebreaker. And indeed, it will be a fire-building challenge. As usual, the task is to build a fire big enough to burn through a rope.

Survivors ready? Well, too bad. To Be Continued.

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