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Immaturity Forever

Aras -- unable to let Cirie handle it on her own and happy to find Terry making a jackhole out of himself -- tells Terry not to ruin the happy evening for the rest of them by...being a jackhole: "Don't come into final four territory and ruin it for everybody else." Terry starts to make protesting noises, but hilariously, he has nothing to say. "Terry," Aras continues, just as condescending as Terry was thirty seconds ago, "you yelled at Cirie for putting her stick where she wanted to put it as a 35-year-old grown woman. And then you started arguing...." Terry: "Which was right in front of me, where I was walking." Hasn't Terry already admitted that Cirie couldn't have necessarily had any idea he was even there? Why is any of this needed? Terry goes on to gripe in an interview that everyone "ganged up" on him. Terry totally misses the point by claiming that they got angry at him for "telling Cirie not to drop a piece of equipment right in front of [him]." Now, notice a few things. It's not Terry telling Cirie not to drop the torch that was the issue, really; the real issue was his tone tone. Second of all, "equipment"? It's a fucking toy torch. It's not really a tribal ceremony, doofus. All these little shifts are made in order to boost Terry's position -- he's adding the fact that it's "equipment," as if it's something you desperately need that she placed in peril, like a canteen, rather than a torch used for fake ceremonies. It wouldn't have sounded as good, after all, had he said "scenery."

At any rate, Aras is in full, self-righteous bellow, telling Terry that they could all have celebrated F4, but now he has ruined it. Terry tells them that he'll just go to bed, and they can "have [their] little final three situation." Terry tells us in an interview, "I didn't come here to make friends with 24-year-olds." I wonder if he believes that he hides his contempt for people who are younger than he is, because he doesn't. When you're saying things like that in interviews about your personal biases, the odds are that the people who are the targets of those biases are well aware of where you stand. He goes on to congratulate himself AGAIN for surviving the "target on [his] back," and how he was "the underdog the whole time" -- ignoring the part where he was completely ineffectual strategically, and where anyone who failed at the social and strategic game as much as he did would have been "the underdog." Aras, Cirie, and Chiclets share a moment of relief about being in F4, as Terry voices over that he "could give a shit" if any of them talk to him for the rest of the time. Mature! Good thing he's not 24 years old! "I'm winning the million dollars, and that's all," Terry says. Man, I hope not. That will be the worst outcome ever, should that happen. Back at the fire, Cirie and Aras agree that Terry is just pissed off about the vote, because he thought Shane was the person that he could beat in F2. And I agree. Terry knows that his best shot at a final vote just walked out the door, and he knows that he's done less to get himself votes than the rest of these people.

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