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Immaturity Forever

A minute later, Aras takes his turn telling Chiclets to "let [him] through,"'s a challenge, right? She would do that...why? Aras always does this, thinking that the women he's allied with should just step aside and let him win. Insanity. Chiclets actually doesn't seem to have a problem with it in this instance, so maybe she just wants Terry to lose. All four of them wind up tangled at one point, and the only person who looks happy about the ensuing pile-up is Cirie. Oh, Cirie. And then, as Terry and Aras work their way back, Terry hauls off and shoves Aras, from behind, exactly the same way bully/chicken hybrids have been doing since time immemorial. Remarkably, after Jeff issues a reprimand, Terry starts insisting that Aras pushed him first, not true. Aras used his body to block, as everyone else has been doing. Terry is the only one who shoved with his arms from behind like a big baby. Maybe he forgot that this is all being taped, so we're all capable of looking for ourselves. "Terry, you're full of shit," Aras declares, and figuring that the gloves are now off, he puts his head into Terry's shoulder and shoves him. "Two battering rams!" Jeff proclaims. Hey, at least Aras didn't sucker-punch him from behind.

Terry returns to the boxes with a small lead, theoretically in possession of all the numbers that he needs to solve the thing. Aras soon follows. They both feed their numbers into their boxes. Cirie gets back to her box with her last number, as does Chiclets, and now it looks like everybody is playing. But nobody's numbers are right on the first try; at least not all six. Cirie and Terry are the first to go back out. Aras then heads back. Chiclets is still working, but her numbers aren't right either. Terry returns and starts working again. We see Aras and Cirie work their way from one station to another, looking and remembering numbers. Terry leaves yet again to keep checking. As he runs back onto the course, Terry yells at Jeff, "Don't you have to come back after each look once you're out there? Aras should have been back here already. He's taking multiple looks." So this is where we learn that rather than just trying to solve the puzzle, Terry is spending too much time concentrating on everybody else and what they're doing. "No, Terry, you're good," Jeff says. "I can take multiple looks?" Terry asks. "Yes," Jeff says. "Oh, you didn't tell us that!" Terry gripes loudly, as he heads back out onto the course. "It was one look and back to the station!"

Aras is completely delighted to see Terry coming unglued like this, which I can't really fault him for, considering how many times Terry has lectured Aras about maturity. Aras hollers, "Somebody call a whambulance -- Terry's crying on the co-ourse!" It's horribly juvenile, but no one has ever deserved it quite as much as Terry does at this moment. Terry, taking things about a half-step above "I'm rubber and you're glue," declares, "I'll have to take over your role." Yeah. The problem there is that you can't really do that when you're the current egregious whiner. Whining about the rules of a challenge, particularly while it's going on, is kind of like whining about the officiating in a basketball game. You're not fooling anyone; you're just pissed off that you're losing. Everyone understands, but you're still wrong. Anyway, Aras opens another lock and starts on the last one. He gets the third lock, pulls the string, and his flag comes down. So Aras is the winner. When Terry returns, he says to Aras, "Good on ya, good on ya, you got...whatever he said, and I missed it." And had he left it there, he would have almost redeemed himself for his little meltdown. But now, even though the challenge is over, Terry feels the need to open his bitch session about the rules again. He wants to clarify again, even though Jeff already did, that you could look at more than one thing after your first trip to each station. "Well," Terry says, "the second time I came back, I didn't have to come back. I could have stayed out there." So Terry just needs the rest of the tribe and the viewers at home to know that if he had understood the rules, he could have won. That's all that remark is about. It's's remarkable what a bad moment that is for Terry, and how he doesn't realize it.

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