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Immaturity Forever

Aras can't resist rolling around in Terry's bad sportsmanship: "Every time somebody else wins, are you going to say you got hosed?" Terry says the only thing he can think of: "Well, that's the first time I've lost, so there you go, Aras." I thought Cirie won a reward challenge, didn't she? I thought Terry lost a whole bunch of team immunities, didn't he? I don't think this is Terry's first loss. Aras points out that Terry whines whenever anyone else gets anything, and Terry comes back with, "Right back at ya." Which...what? Look, I don't like Aras, either, but he has endured weeks of getting his ass kicked by the same guy, and I've never once heard him say that the rules weren't fair, or bitch about the ref, or whatever. I'm not sure "Right back at ya" is a very good comeback. Aras tells Terry that Terry has no respect for anyone else in the game. "Keep it up," Terry says menacingly, as if there's some threat behind it. "What are you going to do?" Aras says. "Say something bad about women? Do I have to worry about that?" Oh, goodness. Terry rightly disses this as not a very mature remark its own self.

But anyway. It's time for Aras to get his reward, and he needs to pick someone to go with him. He chooses Cirie, apologizing to Chiclets and Terry. This decision it turns out, sends both Terry and Chiclets to Exile Island. They leave. Aras and Cirie head for their reward.

When we return, Aras and Cirie are on a plane, heading to their yacht. Aras tells us what a big deal it was for him to win his first reward challenge. He and Cirie settle themselves on the yacht, as she voices over that she's only seen yachts on TV, but she never anticipated she would be on a yacht. Aras and Cirie toast to final four, and then he shows his cards accidentally, I think, by saying they should also toast to final three. "Final two," she says, "why you joking?" He's not joking, lady. He ain't taking you to F2, because you'll beat his ass. They enjoy their boat ride. As they pass an enormous ship, Cirie comments that she could fit her whole house in there. Aras tells her that if she couldn't fit her house on that ship, he certainly wouldn't let her win the money. Heh.

As Aras and Cirie sit around and eat and (particularly) drink, Aras recounts his glory and his "whambulance" remark, which is one of those things that you ruin as soon as you revel in it. It's too bad. He does do it at Cirie's urging, but still. Aras interviews that he really tries to "practice love and compassion" to people, and he hasn't been doing those things with Terry..."recently." With admirable self-knowledge, Aras says, "It's been ego. It's been all my ego." Hey, at least his ego can look itself in the mirror and blame itself for its sins before becoming distracted by its own awesomeness and starting to make finger-guns at its reflection.

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