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Immaturity Forever

Over at the fire, Cirie and Chiclets are very curious about what Terry and Aras are talking about. "Why they hate each other," Cirie suggests. Heh. I've had that conversation with people, believe it or not.

Chiclets explains that now, tribal council is going to be a little different than her and Terry were hoping. Aras has immunity, Terry has hidden immunity, so Chiclets anticipates that she and Terry will vote against Cirie, while Cirie and Aras will vote against her. She sees a tiebreaker in the offing -- probably a fire-building thing. And then a rather funny sequence follows in which Terry and Aras give lessons to Chiclets and Cirie, respectively, on how to build fire with flint and get the fire going. Aras adds advice to have fun and not worry about it, and to be proud of how far she's already come. Cirie tells us that she feels very nervous, but she also thinks she'll be okay with making fire. She hasn't seen Chiclets make too many fires herself, so she's just letting Chiclets believe she has the upper hand. For her part, Chiclets thinks she can beat Cirie at starting fires. It's like they're both brimming with unjustified confidence, which is fun.

Chiclets also floats the idea with Terry of having him give her the idol, on the theory that as long as Aras and Cirie don't know she has it during the vote, that could be a way of ensuring that they got Cirie out. It's an interesting plan, and it might work, but it's certainly not one I'd take if I were Terry. It's too risky for the limited benefit of getting Chiclets to F3 instead of Cirie. Terry needs to count on his ability to get himself to F2 by winning the F3 challenge; that's not going to change.

Tribal council. Jeff introduces the jury, including a haggard Shane, who has probably been smoking ever since he left, and has not made the usual pre-show leap to a fitter, finer, more lovely condition. Jeff then remarks on how F4 consists of one person from every original tribe -- one older woman, one younger woman, one older man, and one younger man. He asks Aras whether his two challenge victories mean that momentum has shifted, and Aras says that he thinks that every time out, he has a chance, so he was confident that if he kept working in the challenges, he'd eventually get a win. Jeff mentions to Terry that this is his first time at tribal council without the individual necklace since the merge. Does he feel vulnerable? "No," Terry says, not so cleverly. Jeff asks Cirie if this seems weird, and Cirie basically says they all know, and they've all known for a while, that Terry has the hidden idol, so what's to be surprised about?

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