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Monks Gone Wild!

Desmond is getting saucy in the monastery. He is drunk and singing when the Main Monk busts him. The Main Monk points out that the wine fetches over a hundred quid per bottle and they've only bottled 108 cases this year. (Yes, he said 108, try not upset your new pacemaker, Mr. Conspiracy Theory.) Desmond snorts and says, "It's a good thing we've taken a vow of poverty then, eh?" The Main Monk points out that they've also taken a vow of charity. Desmond says "Right," and then chugs down some more of the wine before graciously passing the bottle over so the Main Monk can have a swig. The monk tells him that he doesn't think Desmond is cut out to be a monk. Maybe he could be a Trappist monk? Even if he has just had a few bad weeks? Can't he just do some penance? Or wear a cilice or something? The Main Monk replies, "I'm afraid you're beyond penance, Desmond." Desmond looks startled, "Brother Desmond, right?" The Main Monk shakes his head. Desmond asks if he is fired. The monk says yes, but Desmond does not accept. He heard the call! The Main Monk smiles and says God has bigger plans for him that don't include a life at the Abbey. Then he opines that Desmond has, "Spent too much time running away to realize what he may be running towards." Which is pretty darn meta for a wine-shilling monk. As the Main Monk stands up to leave, Desmond wants to know what he is supposed to do now. The monks suggests he climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, until he finds his dream.

As they hike through the rain storm, Jin's English skills have finally caught up to the conversation enough to ask who Penny is. Hurley explains that she's a girl Desmond used to date, and now he thinks she fell from the sky, and they are going to get her so that she can rescue all of them. When Jin looks confused, Hurley says that it wouldn't make sense even if he spoke Korean. Heh. Desmond tells them that if they don't stop that racket and hurry up, he is turning the car around and going home! Hurley claims he is going as fast as he can, but he's not The Flash. Charlie guffaws that anyone would want to be The Flash. Desmond looks stunned as the scene unravel just the way he foresaw it. He starts looking around frantically and finally sees the arrow perched on a branch. Just then Charlie steps on the tripwire, but Desmond can't just let him die. He knocks Charlie down and the arrow flies past his head. Charlie looks pissed. And he didn't even have to see the black-and-white vision of his death over and over and over again.

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