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My Super-Boring Ex-Boyfriend

Sad break-up music plays. The damned moon is still full and perfect and lovely when Lois goes up to meet Clark on the Daily Planet roof. Did they get their jobs back when we weren't looking? Clark has a romantic table set up with candles and wine. There are lights strung up everywhere. Lois looks touched. "I'm glad you still came up after what we talked about on the street," he says. I know I just watched that scene but I don't remember what they talked about. They... argued? I think? Lois thanks him but looks sad. "What is it?" he asks. "You know you can tell me anything." She tells him all about working for the Blur lately. "I've been sharing things with him that I couldn't share with you." "It's probably just the reporter blood in you, right?" Clark asks hopefully. Dude, you just talked to her. You know that ain't it. Self-flagellating fool! "It was more than that," Lois says. "But we... I talked to him and it's over. He doesn't want me in his life anymore." Clark, willing to take scraps, tells her, "But there's someone standing right here that still does." "It's OK," he adds when she doesn't respond. She tells him he doesn't have to be OK with her being in love with another man. Well, she doesn't spell it out for him, but that's the implication. She goes on about how she wishes she could explain what it's like to have a duty, a calling. Clark looks sad. "It made my feelings for you and everything else seem..." she trails off. "Selfish," Clark finishes for her. He gives her a speech to show he knows exactly what she means, but she doesn't look like she believes him. "I guess with him gone," Clark says, "am I enough?" Lois stares at him but says nothing. He stares back. They stare sadly at each other... And that is your cliffhanger for the week. A sloppily executed "love triangle for two" with a mopey relationship chat straight out of the early ears of Clark + Lana. Hopefully things will perk up the next episode.

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