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My Super-Boring Ex-Boyfriend

Mysterious lab sort of place. Six people are lying down hooked up to some goofy contraption with multiple Itty Bitty Book Lights surrounding their bodies. They all seem to be unconscious. One of them is Lois, who is approached by the man with the Checkmate hankie. This time we see his face as he stares down at Lois. Commercials.

Back from the break, Raymond Sacks has joined the festivities. He holds a black Knight chess piece, studying it. "I take it this is the official invitation to join you, the Black King." What use would Ray be to them? It's not like he's in office anymore and I doubt such a self-serving sleaze has the conviction to join any organization that demands loyalty or death. The hankie man says, very, very slowly: "Your work on this project has proved to be surprisingly valuable." He explains his goofy contraption and why these particular people are hooked up to it: "They've all witnessed the Blur; pieces of his identity have been locked within their minds. They simply need to be assembled." He holds his hand over a captive's head. A bluish glow emanates from his palm. At the center of the contraption, in a sort of big glass tube, a wireframe image of the Blur starts to emerge. Ray exposits for us: "You're extracting their memories with this whole Jedi mind-control thing." A monitor shows hazy flashes of the S-shield. Ray is impressed, but... "Listen, Mr. Lord, I'm no fan of the Blur, but why are you after him?" And why did it take the show almost half an hour to introduce Maxwell Lord, our villain of the week? Lord talks, sllllooowwwwly, about meta-humans, who the "White Queen" wants to use to "protect and serve." But Lord as other plans. "Waller barks orders from behind a desk, but I work in the real world. A world that needs the rule... of... law." Does he have a piece of peanut butter sandwich stuck to the roof of his mouth? Why is he talking in slo-mo? He speaks disparagingly of the meta-humans, which Ray finds ironic, considering Lord seems to be one of them. That, Ray, says, is how he knows that they need to be eliminated. Ray seems pretty on-board with that. He watches the image in the tube take form, little by little.

Watchtower. Chloe's showing Clark video footage of Lois being shoved into an SUV by Brutus. The image is fuzzy, much to Clark's panicked displeasure. "Where was Lois taken?" Chloe doesn't know. She says she lost them when they went through a tunnel. You can find a girl in a hedge maze, but not a car in a tunnel. They figure it's Sacks. About the same time he was released from prison, a bunch of his friends got out, too. Chloe shows Clark their files on the computer and he recognizes them all as people he put behind bars. Chloe think-thinks. "Who did you say threw Sacks's little welcome home mobster ball?" "Some tycoon named Maxwell Lord," he says. Chloe blah-blahs about Lord contributing generously to Sacks's campaign, so we know they're in cahoots. Clark zooms out of there.

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