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My Super-Boring Ex-Boyfriend

Ray is wandering around the now-empty club where he had his party the night before. "You should see Lord's setup downstairs," he says to someone on the phone. "This guy is a major player." Ray fondles his Knight and gloats: "And he's just given me the key to the city." Clark whooshes in and shoves Ray across the room. He crashes into a wall of framed pictures. Glass shatters. He slumps to the floor, unconscious. Clark takes the Knight out of his hand and crushes it to dust. "Checkmate," he says to the dust. [That's how he wins all of his chess games. By crushing. - Zach]

Down in the room with the goofy contraption, Lord turns his attention to Lois. He does the glowy hand thing over her head. She twitches and makes sounds of discomfort. The image on the monitor remains vague. "You're fighting it," Lord says. "You know him, don't you?" Clark whooshes into the room, hanging back in the shadows. "Get away from her!" Lord drawls, "Ahh, I see we're past formal introductions." Clark takes a step toward them, but Lord warns him off. "Take one wrong step and I'll eviscerate every last thought in her head." It would be too easy to make a joke here, so let's press on. Clark stops, notices the tube, and realizes what Lord is doing. Clark says they don't know who he is. Lord agrees, but they've each seen bits of his face. He turns his attention back to Lois. "Even unconscious, her mind protects memories of you." "Maybe she doesn't have any," Clark says. I think that ship has sailed, Clark, considering she told the world she was buddies with the Blur. Lord has another theory: "Or maybe the connection between you two is stronger, stronger than the fear that binds you with the others... stronger because of love." Lord steps it up to two glowing hands. Lois struggles. One tear squeezes out from her closed eyes. Clark makes a run for it. He leaps through the glass tube, his real face merging momentarily with the incredibly accurate wireframe face before he lands on the other side. Lord is nowhere to be seen. It's like he was in the scene, and then he wasn't. Lois sits up, disoriented, and sees the reflection of Clark's S-shield in the computer monitor. The S has been accentuated this episode, by the way, so that it stands out more clearly in the shadows. I wonder why no one wonders what the hell it stands for? There's no "s" in "Blur." Anyway, he's standing behind her, but she doesn't turn to look at him. "I can't know who you are," she explains. "I'd give anything to see your face, to know your name, but you can't protect us if we know who you are." [Because she's soooo safe right now. - Z] He places a hand on her shoulder and she touches her fingertips to his. "Go," she whispers. He whooshes away. She squeezes out another tear. Commercials.

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