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Keeping Up Appearances

Desperate 3-D title card and commercials

It's time for Daniel's interview with Ms. Andetson. He continues his campaign to be the most humble, rich semi-douche ever by saying he's actually enjoying his work as a bartender and has a lot of respect for the Stowaway. Melissa brings up Dan's partying days which were as recent as last summer. It makes him a little uncomfortable, but he says he's changed his ways just in time for... and he stops short of naming Emanda. Melissa's no fool and she knows Daniel is being sheepish about a girl. She tries to get a name, but Daniel insists he wants to respect his girlfriend's privacy before concluding the interview and leaving. Tyler enters the room and casually drops "Emily" into a sentence about Daniel, knowing Melissa would want more info. She asks who Emily is, and Tyler coyly replies, "Off the record?"

Out at the docks, Charlotte walks up to Declan who is shucking oysters. She's just come from some retail therapy to work through her mom's earlier manipulation and has a few shopping bags with her. She hands one of the bags to Dec and invites him to the anniversary dinner. Dec gives the bag back and says he'll be there, but he can dress himself. It's funny when teenage rebellion involves inviting your boyfriend to a formal family dinner.

Inside Poor Porter Bar, Jack asks Nolan, who is sitting at the counter, why he needs a bodyguard. Nolan replies, "Two words: net worth." Next question -- why did Nolan push Jack toward Emanda when he knew she was involved with someone? Nolan's caught a bit off guard, but he insists he still doesn't believe she's really into Daniel. Jack tells Nolan he thinks he should find somewhere else to start hanging out. Just when you think these two are going to get it together...

Melissa shows up at Casa Emily, sniffing for a story. Emanda tries to confirm it was Tyler who ratted her out, but the reporter protects her sources. Clearly annoyed to us, but always able to put on a fake smile, Emanda cheerfully invites Melissa in to have a seat.

Lydia's breathing through a tube unconscious in her hospital bed. Victoria sits bedside and reaches out to hold her hand. According to the nurse, the prognosis is kind of optimistic. Her vitals are strong, the fractures are healing on schedule and she could regain consciousness when the swelling subsides. Frank appears behind the nurse and Victoria immediately orders her to go get a security guard. Frank continues to try and reassure Victoria that she shouldn't be afraid of him. The guard arrives and Victoria asks to have Frank escorted out. Frank promises he's going to redeem himself to Victoria or die trying.

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