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Keeping Up Appearances


Frank has made his way to the juvenile correctional facility and is standing in front of Warden Sharon Stiles' desk. He asks if he can cross-reference his info with theirs regarding Emily Thorne's violence toward her foster father, which the warden says was proven to be in self-defense long after the fact. The warden is willing to oblige... if Frank has a court order. Instead, she cheerfully offers to take him on a tour of their new library which was built on a donation from Ms. Emily Thorne.

Poor Porter Bar. Dec walks in holding up a copy of the newspaper, excited to show Jack the Stowaway was mentioned as part of Daniels's profile. Dec reads the part about the Stowaway aloud proudly. Jack asks what else was in there and Dec's enthusiasm suddenly disappears. He says there's nothing else before trashing the paper and leaving. Jack pulls the paper out of the trash and sees a big photo of Emanda and Daniel together.

Speaking of the happy couple, they're having a romantic swim/frolic in the ocean. They run into Tyler on their way back to the pool house at Grayson Manor. Tyler has a pair of framed copies of the article in the paper about them. He tries to pass it off as a peace offering, but Emanda makes sure to bring to light the fact the article wouldn't have even been possible if somebody hadn't revealed her to the reporter. Emanda excuses herself to take a phone call. Daniel has had enough of Tyler claiming to mean well, but obviously not respecting what Dan has going with Emanda. He tells Tyler that maybe he shouldn't be around if that's how things are going to be.

The phone call Emanda answered was from Warden Stiles. Emanda asks if Frank has been taken care of. Sharon seems to think he's only been deterred temporarily. She reprimands Emanda for forgetting the first thing she taught her -- "Never underestimate your enemy... and never let your guard down." Emanda thanks Ms. Stiles and assures her it will never happen again.

Conrad finds Victoria reading their newspaper article in the kitchen at Grayson Manor. He asks how she likes it. Victoria reads aloud the most fluffy profile of a couple ever and says she'd like it way more if their relationship actually bore a resemblance to the one described. The conversation turns to Lydia and the fact Victoria has elected to pay her hospital bills. Conrad doesn't understand the gesture. It's because Victoria has realized she and Lydia aren't much different and fell for Conrad under similar circumstances. He's a bit offended at the implication he cons women into falling in love with him and reminds Victoria with conviction as he exits the room that he's never loved anyone the way he loves her. FLASHBACK: Victoria makes one of her patented late night walks to David Clarke's house. She's intercepted by Frank who tells her she's made her choice and David will be taken into custody tomorrow night. /FLASHBACK. Victoria weeps quietly.

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