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Keeping Up Appearances


Grayson Manor. It's anniversary dinner time! Emanda arrives with Daniel and presents Victoria a framed copy of the Graysons' original wedding invitation. Declan appears behind Victoria and surprises her with a bottle of wine. Like... literally surprises her since she wasn't expecting a greasy teenager to show up at her dinner party. Daniel suggests Declan can have Tyler's place at the dinner table since he hasn't shown up yet, which Ashley protests, but Dan insists they can get through the first course without Ty. Declan, in all seriousness, backs the idea because he thinks Victoria doesn't want the food she's slaved over in the kitchen all day to get cold. Uh... spit take? Victoria stares at Declan with a look on her face that says, "I'm not sure whether I should laugh at this kid, feel sorry for his idiocy or destroy him," before choosing to believe Dec is "funny."

At Nolan's Fortress of Solitude, Tyler is trying to find out what Nolan knows and wants, but Nolan is taking his sweet time and savoring the moment of power. Finally, he reveals that he's aware all of Tyler's bills last summer were paid by one Leslie Montgomery... and that Leslie is a man. Nolan asks what a gay hustler is doing posing as a Harvard student. Tyler isn't willing to admit the gay part, but he won't dispute the hustler accusation. Nolan: "Ah. Ambiguous sexual identity. I get it. I'm about a... three on the Kinsey scale myself." Snerk. So, none of this explains what Ty's doing with Daniel. Defeated, Tyler explains his family has recently lost everything and he is now their only hope to rebuild their empire. Tyler hopes to do this by getting his foot in the door for an entry-level position at Grayson Global. Nolan assumes that sliver of hope disappears if Conrad catches wind of Ty's past. Well... probably. Tyler gets up from his seat across from Nolan and sits down right next to him on his couch, suggesting that maybe Nolan is a bit lonely. Ty asks to make a deal, leans in and we cut away just as his lips are about to touch Nolan's. Way to chicken out, TPTB.

Ashley is fretting over Tyler being late. She offers to leave since it was Tyler who was actually invited, but Victoria says that's nonsense. Once seated, Emanda compliments Victoria on the things that were said about her marriage in the article. It's all embellishment, Victoria says before turning attention to the article's profiling of Emanda and Daniel. Emanda claims to have not read it. Dec makes a snide remark about Jack not being able to read the article either. Burn.

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