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Keeping Up Appearances

Poor Porter Bar. Dec has to navigate his way through annoying socialites to reach his own bar counter. When he finally gets to Jack he starts complaining about hating those people and never wanting to go back. Jack imparts some wisdom about not really knowing how someone feels about you until they tell you their self. Dec won't have to wait long to find out from Charlotte how she feels because she's standing right behind him.

Strip club. Frank has pretty much figured out the real Emily Thorne's story and is reciting it back to her. She switched names with her juvie cell mate and was paid off, but the money ran out and now she's a stripper. Stripper Emily asks where Emanda is now. Frank pulls out the newspaper article with Emanda and Daniel's photo and explains that she's rich and dating his former employer's son who is also rich. Emily asks if anyone else knows about any of this. "Not yet," says Frank. Emily asks Frank to meet her out in the parking lot after her shift is over.

At Grayson Manor, Victoria watches from the head of the stairs as Conrad leaves with packed bags. Later, Daniel brings Victoria a drink he fixed her out on her balcony, which prompts a joke from the ice queen that his bartending can come in handy this one time. Then, there's a very real heart-to-heart between mother and son. Daniel admits to his mom that he just can't stop thinking about Emanda and asks why she doesn't like her. Victoria just doesn't want to see him get hurt and advises her son that allowing yourself to fall for someone comes with a price. Daniel takes the wisdom to heart and accidentally shares a bit of his own. He's learned you can't choose who you fall in love with. He hugs his mother and tells her he loves her. All of this is genuinely tender. Daniel leaves his mother to continue her vigil on the balcony. FLASHBACK: Frank and Conrad grill Victoria on her testimonial against David. Conrad invokes Daniel as something she could lose if she isn't completely transparent and detached from David. She's able to satisfactorily give cold testimony. /FLASHBACK. Victoria's startled by her phone. It's Frank walking through the strip club parking lot. "Your suspicions were right all along," he tells Victoria, "Emily Thorne is not who you --" THUNK! Stripper Emily whacks Frank on the back of the head with a tire iron. She picks up his phone and hangs up on Victoria while he lies face down on the pavement. Stripper Emily finishes the job with a blow to Frank's head. This is what happens when you decline an invitation to the champagne room.

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