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Minus Thirteen

In a coffee shop, which I assume is attached to the hospital somehow, House runs down the symptoms. Park brings Adams a coffee and pushes the case for him being crazy: "He lost his wife and kids because he couldn't stop giving his money away." In other news, Adams isn't drinking the coffee that Park brought her so they'd be even. House suggests that Park is making up for her parents not loving herself enough or something. Then he analyzes Adams as being filled with rich-girl guilt. This somehow leads to the latest hypothesis: "Echovirus." House answers, of course, with, "Irus irus irus...." Anyway! Start him on antivirals! House wants a coffee if this fixes Benjamin's charitable impulses.

Thirteen walks House via phone through some sort of computer interface. She is, in fact, with a young lady. I figured there was at least a chance she was just making stuff up to get House off her back. She admits that House was right, but won't commit to coming back to work for him. He asks what he was right about then, since a key part of what he was saying was that she should come back. She says she was wrong to push him out of her life. House claims everything's gone blue on his screen, which is not a Mac error. All is explained when we see that he's actually watching skateboarding accidents. She says she's coming in and he tells her to go six miles out of her way to pick up Szechuan beef. His ankle bracelet turns out to mostly be a way to get people to do what he wants. Same as everything else, really.

Park is in the locker room. Adams gives her a shoebox and asks her to do her a favor. "You want me to return these? Give them to someone? Wear them while you masturbate?" None of those. She just wants Park to have them. Park accurately notes, "That's not a favor." Adams claims it was a two-for-one sale. Park has a car in the shop and cannot pay her back for a $120 pair of shoes. "The first pair was a hundred and twenty dollars. This pair was free." Park looks annoyed. Well, more annoyed than usual. "You do know I punched the last person that pissed me off?" Adams asks, "Was it Santa?"

Wilson wants to know House's patient's status. It's better. So much better that he's being discharged. Which is good news for Wilson, because Benjamin just signed up to donate a kidney to Wilson's renal-failure patient. House decides he was wrong, and this is evidence of Benjamin's mental state declining. Wilson wants to take the kidney, even though this is inconsistent with his previously stated ethics.

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