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Minus Thirteen

House, Foreman, and Wilson walk down the corridor. House insists that Benjamin is sick. Wilson insists that donating an organ is always fine, no matter what he said yesterday. They get to Benjamin, and Foreman (who's supposed to be in charge, remember?) asks Benjamin why he wants to give away his kidney. He tells House, "I'll give you your money." House takes this as evidence that he was correct. Benjamin uses numbers to prove that he can't value his life at 4000 times more valuable than someone else's. Foreman says House's evidence is weak. "I'm gonna let him be a donor." Benjamin tells House to come back when he's convinced he's healthy, "and I will give you your money." "No you won't."

House tells Park to come up with a new test for Echovirus. She insists on a new diagnosis of Whipple's. But, says House, there's no joint pain. We learn that Adams is off on a job interview because she assumed the case was finished. But when they get to House's office, Thirteen is there. This is exactly the sort of thing I was worried about. If they go around swapping Adams and Thirteen, I'm bound to guess wrong at some point. Park suggests magnesium deficiency. House approves an electrolyte test. Thirteen rejects magnesium deficiency and proposes Whipple's. Park flip-flops and says that there's no joint pain. Thirteen says that joint pain is common but not definite. Plus, it would explain everything and antibiotics would fix it, explaining why Benjamin felt better as soon as he came in. House tells Park, "You were right. But it means nothing if you can't explain it." I like that a lot, actually. It's no good being right by accident. Park goes off and leaves Thirteen and House together. Thirteen says she's going off with the woman she loves. She just wants to be happy. Well, says House, "No one's unhappy in Greece." I have no idea what he's talking about.

House examines a boy's hands. He's actually seeing regular patients! Good for him. The kid's hands don't itch. The key information is that the neighbors have a new pool. The boy is not allergic to chlorine, but his mother's summer lilac hand lotion. It's on the palms of his hands as a result of a neighbor's daughter in the pool. He hands the kid some lube. This was just an irrelevant masturbation-related interlude, I guess?

Park tests stuff with a machine. Endoscopy didn't reveal any lesions on the small intestine. House brings in a gift that Adams left her because Park got her the job interview. Park is very annoyed by this because she hates owing things. House speculates wildly on the cause and ends up on immigrant pride. Park doesn't get that specific in her self-analysis and just says it makes her "feel... icky." Anyway, it's not Whipple's. House shrugs, "Hm. We did what we could."

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