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Minus Thirteen

Adams. Park. Locker room. Park's car has had $4500 in repairs paid for by a mysterious donor. Adams tells her, "Smile and say thank you or I get you GPS." Park scowls and says, "You win. Thank you."

Park leans into House's office. "The car's getting fixed. You're right. She went for it." House offers her a ride, because apparently it was his car that Adams just paid to get fixed. I guess. I didn't really get that, but that's the consensus in the forums, and it does make sense that House would both help Park out and manage to get free car repair. Does this mean his car's been all smashed up the whole time he was in prison? Anyway, Park won't accept the ride home: "I don't take charity. I'm just glad it's over." "Nothing is ever over," says House, ominously

Thirteen kisses her woman in the lobby as the strummy strains of "The Ballad of el Goodo" play. House calls her over and fires her. "I'm not joking. Don't come in tomorrow." He can't work with happy, fulfilled people. She leaves, presumably never to return.

Monty knows it's "Plummer's Disease," not "Plumber's Disease." So that one doesn't count. He left it in there as a trap for people who were planning to email him with medical corrections. Try again! And follow Monty on Twitter at @montykins and read his blog, Mysterious Exhortations.

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