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Lab Rat Or Field Mouse?

We then see the red glare of a flare, and five backlit silhouettes. From San Francisco, coming in as a science geek CSI 3, it's Sara Sidel! From another planet, acting as tonight's primary and chief forensic guru...Gil Grissom! You know her as the ex-stripper with uncanny instincts -- it's senior CSI Catherine Willows! Coming in to represent Texas: he's tan, rested, and ready for ridicule, Nick Stokes! Aaaaaand coming in at six-foot-four, it's Warrick Brown! Give it up for yooooooooour Las Vegas Crime Scene Investigators! The crowd goes wild...sorry, y'all, but I saw them standing there and instantly flashed to the Chicago Bulls introductions, circa 1995.

Anyway, the entire team is looking down at the bus -- now resting on its side and illuminated by two emergency floodlights -- as rescue personnel bustle around trying to make sense of the chaos. We see someone rushing toward the car pinned under the bus, then return to look at the CSIs' somber faces. Gil is holding his crime scene case like a blankie as he stares down. Down at the scene, a fire chief is telling two rescue workers, "We do not touch this car until everyone is off the bus." The CSIs watch somberly as workers hustle to tend to the wounded, or lay out body bags with brutal efficiency. Sara comments, "I feel so useless." Without taking her eyes off the scene below, Catherine replies, "It's still a rescue operation." All five of them look as though they wish they weren't there -- or that they had arrived an hour later. Warrick mutters, "Well, we're not running this show." Nicky says, "Not yet!" Atta boy, Nicky. It's good to have goals. Gil weighs in shortly before the credits with: "They do their job, and we do ours."

Cut to The Who, failing to take this episode as a cue to break into Magic Bus.

When we return from commercial, Dylan's Grandma is in a c-collar on a stretcher, weakly calling for her husband Walter as she goes. Gil, Sara, and Warrick watch her; then Gil snaps to, briskly saying, "I want everyone thinking worst-case scenario. The highway's finally ours. Cones and pictures, skid marks, loose asphalt, anything and everything." Warrick nods his understanding. Sara points out, "It's a pretty wide highway out there. Are we clear to call in for help?" Gil replies, "Every Las Vegas CSI is on their way here." Warrick kicks in, "Cadets?" Gil gives the go-ahead to call the cadets in to help. Warrick and Sara head off, and Gil begins walking around the disaster scene. We see Walter (the Gameboy-playing grandpa) laid out on a body bag; a few corpses down, a woman last seen osculating at the back of the bus is sobbing wildly over the body of her boyfriend. Gil hastily moves on. He surveys more carnage, and we zoom in on Nick asking someone, "You the only trauma doc?" Without taking his eye off the person he's working on, the other guy replies, "That's right. Lucky me. I personally black-tagged six. My line of work, that's a bad night." Nicky briefly empathizes, then asks the doc to point out the bus driver.

We zoom over to the bus driver, looking dazed but sitting up, his shirt soaked with blood from where the seat belt presumably cut into his torso. The doc comments, "Big surprise. Only guy on the bus wearing a seat belt." Nicky clarifies, "The only one on the tour bus required to wear one. Thank you." As Nick prepares to head over to talk to the bus driver, Liam dashes onto the scene, breathlessly announcing, "I got here as soon as I could." Nicky, noticing the lack of a centrifuge, autoclave, or any other lab equipment nearby, asks what Liam's doing on the scene. Liam replies, "All hands on deck -- that was the call, right?" Unfortunately for Liam, Gil happens to be standing nearby, and he clarifies, "Crim[inologist]s with field training." Liam pleads. Dad relents, wagging a stern finger in Nicky's face and saying, "I'm not walking him every night. If you want a dog, he's your responsibility." Actually, Gil tells Nick to make sure Liam doesn't actually collect evidence or do anything else to contaminate the crime scene. Nick nods, wondering how a nice guy like him who follows the rules gets to baby-sit while Warrick's making time on the asphalt with Sara. Once Gil leaves, Nicky tells Liam that he'll be taking Nicky's notes. He then comments of Liam's lack of outerwear (Nicky's in something big and quilted; Liam's in something thin and flimsy), gives Liam a look, and stalks off. Liam follows.

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