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Lab Rat Or Field Mouse?

Meanwhile, Brass is having a quiet conversation with someone amidst the chaos; we find out that Brass has been talking to the bus company owner, Larry Maddox. Catherine walks on over, Brass fills her in, and she comments about Maddox: "Got here quick. That should tell you something." That he's conscientious, perhaps? That in this day and age, he's all too aware of how the headline "Bus Owner Sleeps Through Tourist Tragedy" will affect his business? Brass shrugs it off and dons his superhero identity, Captain Exposition: "He coughed up the passenger manifest, including the driver, Martin Draper. Twenty-four passengers, one PAL." Catherine clarifies for us that PAL means Parolee At Large, not to be confused with COACHDCAL, or Convicted Of A Crime He Didn't Commit At Large. We learn that our new pal is one Calvin McBride, recently of the California State Penitentiary, convicted of aggravated assault. He was in seat 1-C. Calvin was evidently paroled last week. "And already over state lines," Catherine notes. "It was news to his parole officer," Brass remarks. "I'm sure it was," Catherine replies. I have to wonder why this was news: are parolees normally in the habit of calling their officers to let them know they're leaving the state when they ought not to be? Or are parole officers perpetually surprised at recidivism? Brass heads off to begin matching names and faces to bodies.

Cut to Sara and Warrick doing a sweep of the asphalt. Down at the scene, Catherine and Gil meet over by the bus; she apprises him of the Camaro driver's status (dead). Gil says quietly, "Yeah. I heard." Then he perks up a little and says, "But I think I know why the bus pulled to the right." The camera follows the beam of Gil's flashlight and rests on a nest of shredded rubber. Catherine comments appreciatively on the scope of the tire blowout, noting that the opposite tire is still intact. Gil muses, "Newton's Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Tire to rim. Rim to axle. Axle to suspension. Suspension to frame. And the lower radius rod arm, which connects the axle to the frame..." Catherine leans over and correct him: "Not anymore." Apparently, a snapped radius rod arm is to blame here. And on a slightly related note -- is anyone really surprised that Gil happens to know his way around the undercarriage of a commercial bus? I fully expect him to investigate a UFO landing at some point and look at an overturned spaceship, saying, "The matter/antimatter fusion core connects to the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber connects to the warp drive. The warp drive connects to the anti-proton shield generator..." But that's a future episode. In this one, the two CSIs reason:

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