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Lab Rat Or Field Mouse?

Gil: If the rod arm broke while [Draper] was driving.
Catherine: Driver tried to maintain control, veered to the left.
Gil: Turning the wheel is probably going to make things worse.
Catherine: Putting pressure on the right front tire, causing it to blow. The bus then veers to the right and goes off the road.
Gil: And we're back to Newton. The theory's correct -- if the rod arm was the first action.

Catherine turns away to check out the Camaro while Gil remains by the bus. She peers around the wreckage, then leans in the window and takes a look at the male body inside. Suddenly, his hand shoots up, scrabbling desperately -- Catherine instinctively grabs his hand in hers and assures him, "We gotta get you some help." She then shouts for rescue. Cut to the driver being carried out on a gurney; he's still holding on to Catherine, so she's trotting beside the stretcher, asking the man what his name is. He just gurgles a little. The EMTs pry Catherine's fingers from the victim's and lift him into the ambulance. Catherine's left standing there; she looks at her hands, covered in blood. I hope her hepatitis vaccines are up to date.

Meanwhile, Liam and Nicky are talking to Draper, who's saying, "This has never happened to me before. The wheel just sh-sh-sh-shook out of my hands." Nicky asks Draper, "How long after your scheduled stop in Barstow?" Draper says dazedly, "We...always stop in Barstow. McDonald's. The, uh, train station one." As Draper's speaking, he's taking off his glasses and rubbing his increasingly sweaty face; Liam's scribbling notes and watching Draper anxiously. Nicky patiently says, "I understand that, Mr. Draper, but how long after that did the wheel start to shake on you?" Draper blinks, clearly trying to get his bearings: "Uh...I don't...uh, I don't, I don't know." Nicky asks, "Sir, are you okay?" Draper tries to chuckle weakly as he says, "No, we're behind schedule. I gotta get back to the bus." This is the point where I begin to wonder if Draper has sustained a concussion of some sort. Draper tries to rise, but Nicky and Liam keep him from taking off. Nicky, still calm and polite, says, "Wait a second. Mr. Draper, have you had anything to drink tonight?" Draper looks down at him, puzzled, and doesn't say anything. Nicky, trying to communicate what happens next to Liam a la telepathy, tells everyone, "I'm going to perform a preliminary field breath test. Keep an eye on Mr. Draper for me, won't you, Liam? Mr. Draper, just sit tight." Draper, who looks increasingly more disoriented, struggles to say, "I gotta...I gotta go." Off-camera, Nicky assures him, "It'll only take a minute. I understand, I understand. Just hang tight." Draper protests, "There's people." Nicky assures him that he understands, and bids Mr. Draper to blow on the end of the breathalyzer. Liam, still keeping a hand on Draper, watches Nicky do this somewhat anxiously. As Draper tries to exhale, he ends up coughing instead -- coughing up blood, and a lot of it. Nicky immediately swings into action, holding up the collapsing Mr. Draper and telling Liam to go get some help. Liam is busy doing his best deer-in-the-headlights impersonation. Nicky shouts his name a few more times, getting more demanding each time and yelling, "Get some help!" Liam stands there, frozen.

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