Chasing The Bus

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Lab Rat Or Field Mouse?
Sara: Taking out anything in its path. The bus crosses four lanes of traffic and only takes out one car behind it?
Warrick: Someone upstairs was looking out, big-time.

While this entire conversation is taking place, we see each of the events Sara and Warrick are describing. I have to say, those two together are like Gil and Catherine: The Next Generation; they just bounce right off each other.

Back at the Labitrail, Gil's hurrying toward his office. He passes Liam's lab bench without comment. Liam, however, has been waiting for Gil, and rushes out with, "Hey, boss! I had a feeling you were coming. I ran the DNA on that whiskey bottle. You'll never guess. It's not the bus driver, but I do have an answer behind door number two. Seat 1C. Calvin McBride. He's an ex-con; I found his DNA in CODIS." Gil says, "Good." Then, he looks up and asks, "Did you enjoy being in the field?" Liam, still thinking back to the Draper incident, asks, "You heard about it too?" Gil's not following: "What?" Liam stammers, "I-I messed up." Gil says, "No." Liam replies, "Then I enjoyed it just fine." As he turns away from Gil, there's the faintest hint of a smile playing about his lips; you just know the minute Gil walks off, Liam's going to be grinning like a loon and making like Peter Benton in the ER with the punch-in-the-air thing. Gil watches Liam walk off, smiling slightly. I suspect that Liam just passed some sort of test there; some lab monkeys are more suited to a controlled environment, but Liam wasn't bothered by the chaotic element of the crime scene so much as he was disturbed by his own inability to respond to it.

Meanwhile, Nicky and David The No Doubt Overbooked Coroner are standing over Draper's body in the morgue. Nicky expresses incredulity over Draper's non-intoxicated state. Nicky asks for an explanation for Draper's incoherence and slurring. David replies that it was a result of Draper being hungry, explaining, "Driver's medical eval, taken last night. Martin Draper, forty, overweight. One of fifteen million people in this country suffering from Type II diabetes." Without looking up from the medical evaluation, Nicky asks if Draper was on medication. David explains, "Primary course of treatment would have been exercise and weight loss to lower blood sugar." Nicky comments that Draper's physique belies a gym membership. David explains that Draper was dieting -- "crash dieting. I didn't find any food in his stomach. He hadn't eaten anything in at least six hours. An empty stomach invites hypoglycemia." Gil comes in with, "The symptoms of which can mirror intoxication." David immediately switches into quiz-show mode, pointing at Gil and inquiring, "And in extreme cases?" "Loss of consciousness and seizure. Do I pass?" Gil replies. Of course he does. We find out that Draper died from massive injuries and internal bleeding. Now that we've eliminated a drunken driver from the list of suspects, Gil and company will be turning their attention to the bus.

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