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Sarah Versus The Whole Entire World

Five seconds later for no real reason, Morgan freaks out -- "I fold!" -- and admits that the weird map is one iteration of Chuck's proposal plan. I don't remember if we knew about this because on TV, straight people are constantly pulling out rings and gazing at them like Gollum and thinking about proposing to each other. Maybe in real life also they do this. Sometimes they end up going through with it, sometimes they don't, but I rarely commit it to memory.

Anyway, it's a combination of things that are important to both of them, but mostly things that were important to Chuck when he was (more of) a dorky teenager (than he is now): DeLoreans, a Wyld Stallyn, a Lamborghini. Sarah is blamflasted because she totally wants to marry Chuck the day he grows into asking her, and Morgan -- this whole episode is really subtle -- goes, "Ever since he lost the Intersect, the proposal plan got put on hold. Chuck knows that you love him, Sarah, okay, it's just you're kind of a big fish, you know, and to a regular guy with no supercomputer in his brain, I've got to think that that's pretty intimidating."

Sarah protests, and this is more important for her to hear than anybody else including Chuck, that she just loves Chuck and wants to spend her life with him without regard to the Intersect. Morgan, with some interesting acting choices I think I really love, is all, "That's fantastic! That's great, yeah! And he knows this? Because you told him that?" Well, not exactly, because in fact the last thing she said was something on the level of "Stop playing spy games because you're just a little boy." Or at least that's how it sounded to him then, and her now.

The General, increasingly opaque in her professional motivations, seems to clearly understand that Sarah has kidnapped a dangerous Thai aide and is provoking a war, but all she tells Casey is to keep an eye on her crazy ass because she seems to be, quote, "on the edge," as in, I think, remember that time she was a crazy merc enforcer. Sarah slides past Casey with some very scariness -- "Surveillance camera in Chanarong's cell is still out?" -- and she tells him to get lost because she doesn't want Casey here for whatever horrible shit she's about to do, and it's pretty intimidating, and then she just sort of beats the shit out of Casey and locks him up in a containment cell.

Sarah stomps into Chanarong's cell and she's like, "Check out my awful hairdo: That's how far I'm willing to go. Here's a thing full of ammonia jammed into your neck. I am not fucking around. I am bad news." They get into an on-the-nose convo about how the man she's looking for loves her, and wants to marry her, and isn't that just like bitches: They will totally violate the Geneva Conventions to put a ring on it. They are blitz-crazy about marriage and getting married and wearing that dress and community property. Sarah's like, "Maybe women are like that and maybe I'm like that and maybe essentialism and biological determinism have their place in this conversation despite my powerful feminine persona, but either way I'mma kill you."

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