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Sarah Versus The Whole Entire World

The Belgian has a hideout in the jungles of northern Thailand, near the Burmese border. (Myanmar! I did not spend two weeks in college refusing to drink Dr. Pepper or eat Taco Bell so that you could take it all back again! I do not have a framed picture of Jonny and Luther with the Black-Tongued King on my bedroom wall so you could ignore what I have done!) Anyway, Casey is still locked up in Castle and worrying about how the jungle is full of murderers and murder and he really wants to come. "You're not going where I'm going," Sarah metaphors.

"I'll do anything to get him back, and I'm not going to take you down with me. You were right: I'm different without Chuck. And I don't like it." He shouts You need me! and she goes, "No, I need Chuck," which somehow is the scariest part. It's very obvious that he is her Intersect of peopledom, right, but the way they're playing with it in this story is so smart.

Like, we're so plugged into the "boy earns girl" narrative due to how it's everywhere all the time that it qualifies as exciting to even consider the other thing: She won't be Chuck's equal until she finds her heart, but she can't find her heart until she's Chuck's equal. Which again would be weird if it weren't presented in such straight-up gendered terms: He's the woman inside her, she's the man inside him, and it all works out in the end. But right now, her humanity-intersect is glitching because they took the one thing that can still trip it up. Walker destroys so Chuck doesn't have to, and without him she's looking to destroy everything.

Um, Jeffster comes over to help Awesome with the Decepticon laptop, which is apparently a "Roark 7" which sounds familiar from this show but I forgot to check up on that part. (Also, this whole episode is full of war movie references I barely get, because I only figured out I love war movies like two years ago. Just warning you.) Anyway, they're gross. [BTW, Ted Roark was Papa Bartowski's old colleague, who stole all of his ideas and founded a tech empire. - Zach]

Morgan appears ready to get Casey out of the Castle cell, admits that he "threw gas on the fire" with his proposal overshare, and explains that he only did it to connect with Sarah, because she was hurting, which is very insightful of him. Anyway, he changes his mind about letting Casey out and starts demanding to go to the jungle full of killers, and while the old Casey would have promised anything and then knocked Morgan out, the new Casey promises to take Morgan to Thailand and then takes Morgan to Thailand.

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