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Mission: Barely Possible

Chuck has finally escaped the siren call of Carvel calories and goes to find Casey at the Buy More. Is he still pretending to work at the Buy More? Well, at least he's pretending to not work very hard at the Buy More. He tells Casey that Sarah doesn't love him anymore, because despite the fact that she has killed many, many people, the fact that Chuck has killed one is a dealbreaker. Add it to your list, Liz Lemon! Casey reminds him that if the NSA finds out he didn't pass his Red Test, he doesn't get to be a spy and Casey will end up in jail for murder. Is it just me, or does Red Test sound like a tween girl's euphemism for menarche? Anyway, Chuck is a big fat quitter and won't be a spy unless Sarah loves him. Morgan joins the scrum and he and Casey bemoan the fact that if Chuck doesn't move to Rome then they don't get to leave the Buy More. Um, guys? That would never happen, anyway. But Morgan is no quitter. He's going to get Sarah and Chuck back together. For some sad reason Casey decides to go along with the plan. Really Casey? Has it come to this? I'm crying a little. As Chuck goes off to pout some more, Morgan asks Jeff and Lester for help. They know that Chuck lost his fro-yo ho to a trouser-filling stallion, so yes, Morgan can borrow the van.

Morgan, Casey and Awesome grab Chuck and fill him in on the plan: They help him get Sarah back and he gets them out of Burbank. Chuck is skeptical but, really, what the heck. The B-Team stakes out the restaurant where Sarah and Shaw are dining. Also staking out the restaurant? The big bully bulimia-inducing agent from the Ring. While no one seems particularly clear on the plan, Chuck is under strict orders to put on a suit and get inside the restaurant to magically convince Sarah that he is still a virgin and, thus, loveable. Morgan distracts Shaw with a phone call and Chuck makes his move. So do the Ring agents. Every time I write "the Ring" I think of Wagner and then I want everyone to start singing. Kind of like the Buffy musical, but in German. Don't tell me that wouldn't be all sorts of awesome! Obviously except for the German part. German = Not Awesome. Don't argue with me, young man! Anyway, Morgan convinces Shaw to leave the restaurant OR ELSE. While the Ring is watching Morgan and Shaw, Chuck makes his move on Sarah. He begs her to consider coming to Rome with him, because, c'mon baby, sexy work trip! Meanwhile Shaw has traced Morgan's call and has tackled him and pinned him against the wall. Sadly, he does not rough him up more than necessary.

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