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"That Guy Might Think He's a Hard-Ass, But I'm The Intersect"
Chuck's eyes open while the anti-Intersect flashes it out of him.

Then Decker has a meeting with Casey, and tells him that he needs to convince Chuck and Mary to stand down since no one can know the true origin of Alexei Volkoff. Casey tells him he's onto him, because he knows Chuck won't bail out on Sarah. He thinks Casey will try to escape with Frost and Chuck, but it's a setup and Decker will kill them all and then make himself out to be the hero. Decker pulls a gun and says it's okay, because he's not afraid to be the bad guy. But Casey's not either, and he topples the table on Decker before he can pull the trigger. Casey locks himself behind bulletproof glass with all of Castle's guns. He calls Morgan and asks if the CIA guard is still at the hospital. He is, so Casey tells Morgan to take him out now and meet him at the apartment. Then he makes his way to the cell holding Chuck, Mary, and Hartley. Casey and Mary are going to stay here and be the magnet, drawing Decker's attention away from Chuck and Hartley, who will head to Russia. They tell Hartley that he'll need to act like his old self, and then they explain Volkoff: mean, dictatorial, manipulative, conniving... Hartley wonders why they didn't tell him he was such a monster, then he realizes, "My daughter? I made her into me? I made her into Volkoff."

Hospital. Morgan tells Ellie and Awesome they have to take out the CIA guard. Awesome says they don't do that kind of thing, but Ellie's like, "Wait. Is he dangerous?" Morgan says he is, and she says, "Devon, take him out." Morgan says he's the spy, and he'll be taking him out while Devon talks to him, a little spy maneuver they call "the magnet." Devon asks if he's going to punch him out, but Morgan hasn't decided. He might sweep the leg.

Back at Castle, Casey gives Chuck a file with two secret, untraceable identities for Chuck and Sarah to take on. Chuck starts to say something sappy, but Casey cuts in and tells him to do whatever it takes to save her. Chuck asks his mom if he'll ever see her again and she says, "Not if everything goes right." They hug goodbye and she cries as he slips out of Castle.

Hospital again. Devon talks to the CIA guard, as Morgan tries to pep himself up to sweep the leg, karate chop, or something. Awesome, sick of waiting, punches the guy out. Morgan scolds him for it, because he was supposed to be the magnet. Awesome: "Sweep the leg? Come on! In real life, you just make a fist and you hit him as hard as you can." Morgan says Awesome got lucky.

Hartley and Chuck show up at Volkoff Industries, which Hartley says is quite stark, and isn't his suit a little much. He can't remember the plan. Chuck tells him to say he's Volkoff and he's here to see Vivian. Then they're in. Hartley says he can't do this, because he's not the man he was and Chuck's not the spy he was without their Intersects. Chuck asks what's really going on, and Hartley wonders what if Vivian's in there. He says he can't see her, because he doesn't know what to say to a daughter whose life you ruined. "I'm going to run away now." Chuck tries to stop him, but he runs all the way out. Then the receptionist finally approaches Chuck and asks if she can help him. He turns to her, pulls off his fake moustache and fake glasses and says his name is Charles Carmich... Chuck Bartowski and he's here to see Vivian. The receptionist asks why, and Chuck says: "She wants to kill me." Every guard in the Richard III-esque reception area pulls a gun on Chuck.

Chuck's led to Vivian's office, where she's waiting. She says she can't believe it and calls him "Charles Carmichael." She says he's "bold. Stupid, but bold." He tells her Sarah's still alive, and she wonders how that can be. He says it doesn't matter, but he needs her help for the antidote. She asks what's his clever plan this time to get out of this. He says he's out of plans. "The woman that I love is dying and all I can do is hope that you haven't totally become this person." She gestures for one of her guards to hit Chuck, and he does. Then she gets up and points a gun at his head. She says all Chuck's done is manipulate her, like telling her that her father is a monster and now telling her he's something else, some sort of hero.

Hartley, who's snuck in, says, "I wouldn't say 'hero.' Bloody fool, more like." She turns the gun on him. He tells her what happened: He was a scientist who convinced Chuck's father to help him. Chuck asks how he got in here, and Hartley says he asked to see his office and everyone was nice, jumping right up to help him. "I guess I must have been a harsh boss. And father." He apologizes to Vivian. She yells at him for making her his succession plan. She rips off the necklace he gave her as a gift. He picks it up and says it was his grandmother's. "Her name was Vivian. She rode horses. And she looked just like you." Vivian's clearly touched. Chuck tells her she's a good person who comes from a good family, and she's not a killer. She says she killed Sarah in cold blood, but Chuck says she hasn't yet; there's still time if she gives him the antidote. She says no, and yells that she has to be Volkoff now, because she's this building and this company. "I can never leave. I can never go back." Chuck asks what if she could, and offers the two secret identities Casey gave him for her and her father to start over. Hartley asks how Chuck will escape, but he only cares about saving Sarah at this point. Hartley tells Vivian he doesn't know her, but he'd like to. "If you pull that trigger, you'll lose yourself forever. Like I did." Chuck tells her she can still change. Hartley puts the necklace on top of the identity cards, and Chuck pleads with Vivian to help.

At the hospital, Ellie checks her watch and says her brother's cutting it close. Outside, Casey and Mary are sitting in a car with Morgan, noticing that the whole place is surrounded by Decker's men. Mary says Chuck will never be able to get in, but Morgan says Chuck will come up with a plan. Just then, the CAT squad (Carina and Zondra) climb in the backseat with Morgan and thank him for letting them know what's going on. Casey introduces them to the "mother-in-law." That's when they detect something in the air, and Chuck lands in a parachute and army gear right in front of Decker and a bunch of suits with guns. He takes off his mask and parachute in slow-mo, and tells Decker he has the antidote and to let him in. Decker says no and tells his men to get Chuck out of here. Which is when Casey, Mary, Morgan, and the CAT squad come out and draw their guns back on Decker. Chuck thanks them for coming, but Decker says they're all under arrest. Decker tells Chuck he's disappointed that Chuck thought he could get past him with a few spy friends; he should have known Decker would bring an army (more guys have lined up behind him). Chuck says he knows the move, but they have a move of their own. It's called "the magnet. See, while you're busy looking at me and all my spy friends, you're missing something really, really big. Care of Volkoff Industries" (so Vivian's in!). A bunch of parachuted guys land, with weapons. Russians. Chuck's spy friends are just as surprised as Decker and his cronies. Decker: "Russian special forces. You really are a traitor." Chuck: "Just for the day." He pulls out a file that he tells Decker contains everything about Agent X and the cover-up, and Decker's involvement. He says if anything happens to Sarah or his family, it hits the front pages of newspapers everywhere. Decker tells him he's done, and Chuck says he quits.

Then he runs inside. Chuck and Sarah finish their pretend vows, complete with ribbon in place of wedding bands and "I do"s as he runs inside to give her the antidote. He gets there and pleads for her to survive as they kiss in their dry run. "It's not too late. It's not too late. Please" he pleads with Ellie and Awesome. Ellie looks totally torn up about it, too. They all three hang their heads into commercial.

Afterward, we get a "First Church of Saints" wedding sign that says "Funeral and Viewing, 3 p.m." But under tha

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