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Farmer Franco's Prize Cow Daisy

Heading home through the strip mall set that's always so reminiscent of 7th Heaven, Chuck sees a ring store or whatever, Blood Diamonds & Beyond, and I think he decides to propose to Sarah right there, amid talk of their late Thanksgiving with the Awesomes. Let's all say what we're thankful for; I'll go first: The Awesomes. Then Alexei's Order of Taraka guys show up and Chuck uses his poledancing skills for a second before Sarah has to take 'em all down. They get in over their heads with Pierre and Hercule and the other one, but then Mom shows up and guns them all down, because what is a Frost story if she's not constantly doing bad things followed by good things, and then she looks right in the camera and winks and flexes one giant Michelle Obama arm and goes, "Come with me if you want to live."

Then she impregnates somebody with future Shirley Manson DNA, and the circle of life continues. Just kidding, here's the plan: Take Mom into custody at Castle immediately, and yell at her. That sounds like it will work this time, right? Chuck keeps yelling at her about how she is untrustworthy, always shooting him or blowing up his childhood home or flashing mean things at his brain things. Walker asks Chuck to stop crying and pissing and get out of the interrogation room, and then he's just out there yelling at nobody about his hurt feelings some more. Sarah locks him out of there and he dissolves into a puddle of Adam Brody's tears.

The most fascinating part about Frost is how she acts totally reasonable all the time even though nothing she does ever makes any sense whatsoever. This is actually a learning oppo because, see, normally when you're an actor you know what your deal is. "In this scene, Casey's Big Question is Solve the problem, and his Little Question is, How come Jeffster, ever." But for Frost to work, they can't tell Linda Hamilton anything about her actual agenda. Every scene she's good or bad, depending on what we're doing to Chuck's poor little mind. As an actor that's gotta be some bullshit, but it is nice for us the viewers because you have to believe her every time -- which in turn leads into why this whole Frost/Intersect storyline went down the way it did.

Big Mike calls Little Morgan various "you are my son" sorts of names and they share in the proud history of their retail management legacy. The big item this Black Friday is the Bondesen 7G Smartphone. Well, that and delicious sandwiches, but that's sort of a given that we're going to be eating delicious sandwiches constantly on this show. Morgan's locking up a bit later when this gorgeous lady shows up outside the doors begging to come in and buy one of these phones and/or sandwiches. She makes it pretty clear that she is not above a handjob or two, which combined with how she's clearly a spy makes it clear that she is a spy. Luckily Morgan's taken and has this sandwich he needs to eat, so he tells the lady to come back tomorrow.

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